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22nd Oct, 2012 | Beta Motor

Beta Evo 4T 2013Next shipment of 2013 Beta EVO’s arrives in early December. As well as the 4T the shipment includes 250, 200, 125, 80 Senior and Junior Two Strokes.

EVO 4T 300cc features the 2012 frame painted red. Revised suspension with a new rear shock with different hydraulics and recalibrated front suspension. The new rear fender incorporates a cover to allow easy access to the air filter. 

Full model range and prices.


2013 Beta EVO prices


EVO 4T 300cc



EVO 2T 300cc


EVO 2T 80cc Senior



EVO 2T 250cc


EVO 2T 80cc Junior



EVO 2T 200cc


MiniTrial 2T 50cc



EVO 2T 125cc


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