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How can I submit articles?

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So, you've seen other people adding articles and think you have something to contribute?


Firstly thank you for showing enough interest in trials and the desire to spread trials news to want to be a part of Trials AUSTRALIA. We've said many times that this website is only as good as its contributors, and without you it wouldn't be what it is today.

Secondly, it is not as hard as you may think. Contributions are done online, via your web browser - no need to learn HTML or another software program. Full instructions are provided once you've been accepted as a Trials AUSTRALIA editor.


What can I submit?

Keep in mind that Trials AUSTRALIA's primary concern is with trials news related to Australian events & riders.

You can submit an article with just text, or add images and/or files to your article. For instance you may wish to write a report for an event, with just text. Or write the same report and attach a couple of photos. Or promote an up-coming trials demo and attach a PDF brochure.

Being a Trials AUSTRALIA editor is a role that carries a fair degree of responsibility. We will not tolerate any abuse of this system - slanderous material, unsubstantiated rumours, or using the system to 'build your own empire' at the expense of others are a few examples of what is NOT permitted. Keep it professional, stick to the facts, and you shouldn't go wrong.

Please note that for portability across different platforms (Mac, Windows, Unix, etc) I highly recommend creating any document/sup regs/results pages/etc in PDF format. This can be done easily (and free!) using a free utility called PDFCreator available from SourceForge. It works by setting up a pseudo printer in your system. To create a PDF you just select the PDF "printer" and write to it.

Get PDFCreator here: (17MB download).


If you have any other questions on this system contact us via the "Contact Us" page on the Trials AUSTRALIA menu bar.


OK, where do I sign up?

To register for a username & password to publish on Trials AUSTRALIA, there is one step:

1) Send an email via "Contact Us" with a bit about yourself, including club, state, and importantly "why" you want to become a contributor.

Also, tell us your preferred username (8 chars max) and password. We will use this to set you up on the system.

We'll get back to you within a day.