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Postby The Observer » Sat Aug 23, 2008 7:05 pm

This week, Canberra will be host to the Australian round of the '08 World Series of Mountain Bike Championships. =D> The cross-country MTB races will conclude with the mens and womens elite races on Saturday 30 of August.

In support of these races, some of our Women's TDN team - and their manager, will ride as "Lead" and "Sweep" riders on their Trials bikes for these elite races as per UCI rules for mountainbiking. Many riders will have just returned from competing in China and the Olympics !!! :lol:

Further information about this World Class Mountain Bike events where 750+ riders from 70+ countries can be found by accessing these websites: CORC - and the MTB World Cup - There is also a movie trailer - ... 7075DC99F0
They are also welcoming assistants / helpers if you have time to spare.

As a supporting event on Sunday 31st, there will be a (Moto) Trials display =D> using the same equipment and apparatus as the Push Bike Trials riders competing in their Australian round, the preceeding day. (See seperate post on Push Bikes). This Trials demonstration is permitted thanks to negotiations with CORC (Canberra Off Road Cyclists), MTBA (Mountain Biking Australia) and our MNSW organisations. The apparatus will comprise man made / brought in rocks, boulders, concrete pits and pipes, cable cotton reels, ramps and pallets.

This Moto Trials display will dovetail between other events on the day. The display is likely to occur between 10am and 12pm. If you might be interested in attending - and possibly competing, please send me a PM with a contact number and I will give you a call. I'm hoping to use this event as a showcase to present to the captive audience, the range of rider's skill levels, ages, genders and Trials bikes that make our sport so appealing to a broad range of participants.

Hope to see you there
David Ault - 6259 0000 - most hours
=D> =D> =D> ^(=)^ :thumb:

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