NSW Trials Titles

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NSW Trials Titles

Postby scott stephens » Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:08 pm

Just thought I'd do a quick report on our experience at NSW Trials championships at Pacific Park held on the weekend. We arrived from Melbourne on Friday afternoon to a glorious sunny day ( this weather continued for the 3 days !! ) Quickly we unloaded and went up and a had chat to Dave Marchant and his family. They are so enthusiastic and welcoming really made a great start to the weekend. Rode for a few hours and ended up at the top of a beautiful rocky outcrop looking over the camp ground and Hawkesbury river , wishing I was back at work !
Saturday morning we arrived to rider check in with music playing and many happy faces ready for the day. The pit area had industry stands and lots of colour . It had the feel and look of the Aussie Titles !
There was a great arena section next to the start area mainly made of concrete blocks and pipes with a soft sand base . It was different and challenging.I rode veterans and Hilary rode junior women. The section standard was very good . From what I had heard last year was probably a bit easy for blue line but this year definitely had the ratio of 3 hard, 4 medium and 3 easier. There were no real ride thru's . Chris Chellas was designated blue line designer and can well pat himself on the back ! The white line was quite easy but still had soft off cambers and tight turns that you had to concentrate on and there were many novice riders that dropped points .
There were 105 entries and the sections well spread out , so great riding in between on this awesome property .
Unfortunately quite a few people were timed out and missed finishing on Saturday on the last few sections. I think the club was caught out with the additional entries. They did extend by 30 minutes but still not quite enough time. On Sunday morning at riders briefing the Club announced Sunday would be a full hour longer and that worked fine . In fact people that timed out on Saturday got a wriggle on early and everybody finished no problem.( Mobile phones have replaced watches ! .....in my house anyway )
The sport is in fantastic condition in NSW ! Everybody made us feel very welcome and it had a real family atmosphere . At night all the little " Park Rats " ( young Adam Ragas and Laia Sanz's ) were all riding around on pushies having a ball and the adults were sharing the days stories in the camp area. All the good stuff of this fantastic sport of ours.
Hilary and I had a really great weekend and will definitely add the NSW Titles to our must do yearly rode trips. We will try and go a day earlier just to soak up the terrain and atmosphere. Dave and Glenis Marchant are the best hosts and their park really is Trials Heaven ! I think the first Australian World Trials Champion could well be a former Pacific Park " Rat ! "
Our sincere thanks to the Pacific Park Trials Club , Dave and Glenis , Paul and Kerry and all the friendly trials folk that made us feel so very welcome.

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