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Knee Braces - morph's are the go!!!

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 12:12 pm
by davo
Yeah I wear the Steven Gall knee braces as well. Payed $1430 for the pair but wouldnt ride without them!! I have broken my knee 3 times enduro riding and had 1 off which caused quite bad ligament damage. I basically had the option of never riding a motorcycle again(which I didnt take) - Which is what the doc advised me and after the last time I broke it I was advised to have both my knees reconstructed. After talking to several specialists on this I decided not to have a knee reconstruction and just build up my fitness as much as possible and invest in a set of knee braces!!!!!!

I was looking at the asterisk, CTI2, Morph and basically any other knee braces available. The choice was between the asterisk and the Morph's which are based on the CTI2's. The morph's are basically the same knee brace as the CTI2 but just not as custom a fit. They still fit snug though and have saved my knees on many many occasions. The Asterisk braces were lace up and I didnt really like the idea of that. The morph Warrantee was much better and was made of much sturdier materials and its an Aussie product. Dont be cheap. It is worth the small amount of money and considering how much most of us love our sport the $1400 is a small price to pay

Overall the Morph's are the pick in my opinion. They arent quite as custom as the CTI2's but you pay about $1500 per leg for those instead of $1400 for a pair of morph's. $1350 for the pair of asterisk.

As I said they are probably the most important part of my protective gear as I have spent more time off the bike due to buggred knees than anything. If you are nursing an injured knee or would even just like to make sure they are protected. Id definately take a look.
Worth every penny in my opinion and a knee reconstruction is about $10000 starting. They actually give me more confidence on my trials, mx, or enduro bike. Like a new set of boots or anything they took a bit of getting used to but have been well worth it.

Knee Braces

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:20 pm
by mmjs
Hi. I have been wearing knee braces for a long time. I had the Astrisks from Steven Gall for MX but i went back to a wet suit like knee brace with a knee cup and had the metal down each side to stop hip.extension for trials.
I try and ride 3 time a week and the knee braces dont get in the way, i forget i have them on ,untill i land on my knee :shock: .Would not ride without them.
They were called EVS SX01 there about $200 each.I have just found another knee brace at He is at the Gold Coast and there are $299 a pair. EVS make the same called a Vision Knee brace but they wont $400+ a pair.
The Delkevic are in the latest ADB.I have just orderd some and should have them next week.Will let you know how they go.If you have trouble getting them give Mullumbimby Motorcycles a ring and they might help you out 0266 843588 :lol:

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:14 pm
by flatslide
After having just ruptured my ACL and tore my Medial ligament and fractured the tibial plataeu, all in one little fall, hardly a fall at that, just a twist and sit down in a section, knee braces are not a bad idea, but once i get my reconstruction done and get back into it i'm not convinced to run braces, maybe i will need to do the other knee as well before i am convinced! I am a slow learner. But if i go to braces, will I need to consider albow braces, wrist braces, neck brace, spine guard, full face helmet .... oh and some sort of nerve guard.

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 12:49 pm
by davo
The fact that you injured yourself so easily and at such slow speed should be proof in itself that protection is the only way to go. And trust me once you have done your ligaments it does not take much to seriously injure your knee again. I injured myself in a very similar fall and its was clear as day to me that if I want to keep riding that I will need knee braces. Or you could risk it and 'slip' again and spend another year or so off the bike. And mate sorry to say that unless you are really soft and never give anything a go, you will come off again and chances are injure the same knee. On my second ride back after spending 9 months off a bike I happened to have another fall which was completely different to the first and ended up doing my knee again. I decided to get some braces and now I know that when i come off and my leg goes the same way it did last time I will at least be in one piece and ready to ride the next day. If you look at all the money we spend on protective clothing and our bikes it really is a small price to pay and considering the support and protection provided by the braces it is well worth it.
I guess it really depends on how much you love riding... to some people its not a big deal to spend 6 months - a year off the bike but to me that was way to much sacrifice for 1 simple mistake!!!
small amount of money to pay compared to your knee reconstruction and after ive been down that path several times myself I have learnt the hard way that knee braces are the go especially if you have any previous knee injuries!!!
Steve Gall should make me a salesman hahaha

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:10 pm
by BJ

I think the idea of protection is a good one but as we get older some of us get more fragile (depends a lot on how much abuse the body took when younger). I have done a knee and came within a Bee's thingo of never walking again, the product of 120km hit into the side of a HQ. I've had a full shoulder reconstruction, the result of concreting and numerous other injuries from broken ankles to fractured ribs (mostly work related)!

The point is, yes I love riding but only to the level where I know I can walk away without injury. If I protected all the bits that showed wear n tear I'd turn up to events looking like a mommie. To me the best way to stay riding is not to fall off! That way I don't need more than the gear the reg's require. Sure I ride well under my ability but I enjoy it and I get do the things in life I want. I think it comes down to those that truly compete need to do what they can to protect themselves and the rest of us need to get a buzz of off mastering things that are lower risk and still a challange.

One thing with trials, it doesn't take much to make an easy line a bit more difficult. I ride a clubman line and if the section permits I detour to increase the challange to where I am comfortable but still getting tested. After seeing some of the falls in the Veteran classes in the past year I think a few others should try the same.

I hear ya scorps

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2007 3:30 pm
by davo
Yeah mate I understand what you are saying. A lot of people out there take it to hard and go way to hard.

But as Flatside and Myself experienced- you dont need to be trying to hard to have a awkward fall or break a leg by twisting it funny. I have had 2 serious injuries that didnt even involve coming off the bike... I guess what we really need to look at is that we are all different and all have different strengths and weaknesses. My weakness is my knees and my kneebraces allow me to hit the obstacles I enjoy in a safe manner. But yeah each to their own and if its not for you then I guess its not for you. My personal exerience I know for a fact I wouldnt be riding today if it wasnt for my knee braces and riding is to much fun to miss if you dont have to.

But yeah I guess to a lot of people it would not be worth the cost but for me was a very small price to pay

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2007 7:15 pm
by Neo
subanator wrote:I wear the Steven Gall CTI carbon fibre ones, cost a small packet then $1500, and believe they are around $1700> even now.

Sorry guys….but what the bloody hell do they put into these braces. To make them worth that kind of money??? :shock:

Best of balance.


Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2007 3:31 pm
by S.E.Lucas
Neo wrote:
subanator wrote:I wear the Steven Gall CTI carbon fibre ones, cost a small packet then $1500, and believe they are around $1700> even now.

Sorry guys….but what the bloody hell do they put into these braces. To make them worth that kind of money??? :shock:

Best of balance.

The CTi are custom made and all that with carbon fibre and titanium. Jim Castillo also has the asterisk which are cheaper braces bought off the shelf. I used them for mx and I think they came in at $1300 a pair.

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 2:01 pm
by flatslide
I have decided to not go ahead with the knee reconstruction and am getting a knee brace instead. $800. Its not a moto-cross designed one but a sports one which is good enough to even play squash in. The brand is Armour I think and I will be getting fitted on Friday. This means I can get back on the bike after 12 weeks off!!! woo hoo!! and maybe ride the aussie titles in SA this year. If I get the knee recon its 12 months off the bike as recommended by the doc, he says rugby players who go back after 6 months have a 25% chance of re-doing their ACL and if they go back after 12 months that drops to 3%. I dont want to be off my bike for another month let alone 12!

The braces are very light weight and much less obtrusive than the motocross ones (and less expensive). I saw some in a brochure that I think are the DonJoy Armor with FourcePoint ACL Ligament Knee Brace which you can see on so take a look BJScorps. Will update this forum with more info once i try one on on Friday.

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 4:58 pm
by flatslide
Have found out since last post the PodMX brand distributed by Monza Imports seems to retail around the $500 mark. They got good reviews in the MX mags. Looks like they are more of a preventative brace rather than a "already have ruptured ACL brace" like the DonJoy but not really sure.