Bike Loan / Rental in Canberra?

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Bike Loan / Rental in Canberra?

Postby Cadman » Sat May 03, 2008 11:28 am

My son got a call late yesterday & has been accepted to do the MA Trials training at AIS in Canberra starting 6pm Sun 18th - Tues 21st may.
So now I'm trying to figure the logistics & costs of getting him & his bike to Canberra.
Flying & Freighting vs Driving & Trailering etc.
So currently contemplating many permutations. eg If we freight, where to ,so that I can collect on a sat pm or on a sunday (I suspect freight yards would be closed??). He currently only has "L" plates so he can't drive himeself nor rent a vehicle to collect a bike on his own. So If we fly I'd have to fly & rent a ute or van etc.

He is 16yo & currently rides Repsol 07 Montesa, & has just started in in B grade this year. So if someone could just drop their 07 Monty of at AIS on sunday, I can stick him on a plane & all probs would be solved :-) (an 06 or 08 would be OK also - we're not that picky! :-) )

but seriously, failing that can anyone offer any ideas / suggestions?

Worst case I'll have to drive him over & trailer his bike, just trying to figure if there are any other options. I'm not sure how intensive the riding will be, (has anyone done AIS training & can comment on riding intensity?) but he is familiar with his bike, so going back to a 2T may be a little tricky for just 2 days. but he is considering a 125 for next year anyhow so maybe a brand swap for a couple of days would work. & he is a quick learer???

One last Q for anyone who has been, will he need to transport his bike while there, or do they ride on AIS land?

TIA for any thoughts / ideas / suggestions.

The Observer
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Re: Bike Loan / Rental in Canberra?

Postby The Observer » Sat May 03, 2008 9:18 pm

Hi cadman,
I expect to be "helping out" with the training camp and transports...
You can give me a call at home - Canberra.

(02) 6259 0000

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