Gas Gas Moto Oz sponsoring Nationals!

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Gas Gas Moto Oz sponsoring Nationals!

Postby outfit65 » Sun Jun 15, 2008 10:29 am

"We considered this to be a great opportunity for us to give back something to the sport and we look forward to a great event," Mal said when he was notified today.

Is this the understatement of 2008?
Mal, you and Jill NEVER stop giving back to the sport, and motorcycling in general and trials inparticular would be very much poorer without you both. I don't know of any other dealer in Oz (no disrespect here to anybody either) that would leave Geelong to head to the :QLD: Titles and stop of at the Keyneton MCC Mountain Man trial in Eden Valley :SA: just to say hello and give a bunch of youngsters a bunch of stickers and posters. Big smiles all round from the kids, and parents, and maybe now some future trials riders.
Congrats from all your friends in :SA: on sponsoring the Aussie Titles and in saying that, lets hope for Kyle to step up one more step on the podium in 2008!

Andrew & Tanja Warnest
and all from the Keyneton MCC

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