Trials Tales #14

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Trials Tales #14

Postby Trango » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:23 pm

There is a type of soil which you forgot to mention Greg. The dreaded blacksoil of which there is an abundance around Ipswich. When it is dry cracks open up in the ground big enough to swallow a bike and rider. When it is wet you cannot maintain forward motion because the mud cakes on to the front wheel and blocks up underneath the front guard.

David Lahey
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Re: Trials Tales #14

Postby David Lahey » Wed Jan 07, 2009 11:40 pm

Trango that same black soil extends to parts of Brisbane and my Grandparent's house at Corinda near Dunlop Park was built on it. When visiting I was constantly in fear of dropping my car keys down a black soil crevasse to never be seen again.
And on the creek flats near Canungra one day in 1980 when I was riding in an enduro the course went into an open area that has exposed black soil and I didn't even know how it happened but the next thing I remember was sliding face first along the ground at about 60km/h. Being a warm day, my Belstaff was open half way and promptly filled up with mud like a bucket, matching the face guard on my helmet.
Another interesting type of "soil" can be found near Miriam Vale up on the Central Qld coast. A few years ago we were running a round of the Qld 2-day Enduro champs and we had set a terrific (so we reckoned) course on a lovely grazing property called Mt Tom. Part of the course was single track through a "hilly" bit and we thought it was perfect and got lots of positive feedback from the top riders after the event, because it was different to what they normally rode. The "hilly" bits in that area are also 100% composed of rounded stones. One of the riders (an unnamed member of the Northern Districts Trials Club) whose favourite rides are the Australian Safari and the Dakar, had a different opinion. His words to me were "well, I've ridden on rocks, and I've ridden rocks on rocks, but until now I've never ridden on rocks on rocks on rocks"

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Re: Trials Tales #14

Postby gmcdesign » Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:40 am

Yes, I'm sorry about that David and Trango.
But I do believe I have found the ultimate machine to assist me get maximum traction from all types of soil including black soil.
Weight might be something of an issue and hopping won't be easy, but traction I will not lack!

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