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Steve Holzhauser
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Commissioners comments.

Postby Steve Holzhauser » Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:27 pm

Great to hear you will be around for another year Trevor, your updates are appreciated.

The method the three commissioners have put forward is the long existing scoring method for tied scores, including tied Veterans placings, thanks for your clarification.

A couple of items that come to mind that may be worth giving some consideration at the annual MA meeting..

Unaffiliated clubs, namely, why they are attracting so many new and old riders ?

Another area that I feel needs some scrutiny is the disparety in the scoring of fixed boundary markers as opposed to boundary tapes that lay on the ground.
It has been pointed out that since 2002 it is deemed a failure when you ride over or even touch a boundary marker with your tyre for your given line.
Previously a fixed marker, either affixed to a rock or log had to be dislodged to be given a failure. Even to touch it did not incur a penalty.
Why is there such a marked difference in applied penaltys when boundary markers are layed out on the ground with tapes. A competitors wheel can touch it, or even ride along it to the extent that your tyre can be outside of this tape as long as the inner edge of your tyre still remains on the tape, all of this for no penalty at all ! This certainly is an area that leaves much to be desired when it is compared with a single fixed marker penalty.


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Gary B
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Re: Commissioners comments.

Postby Gary B » Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:45 pm

Steve, Good point you've raised.
When ever I set sections I try to make sure the tape is "Off the ground" and not lying on it.
But there have been plenty of times I've seen better than average riders push the tape wide with a fork leg or side of their boot to make a turn wider.
If the tape was on the ground they wouldn't be able to do this.
Certainley needs looking at as we have lots of newish observers in NSW & something hard & fast as a rule needs to be set. With 7 state championship rounds in :NSW: this year I'm sure we will be seeing a bit of variety in how rules are interpreted.

Gary B. from Wollongong MCC.
Now the Old Man in "Team Boniface"

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Re: Commissioners comments.

Postby Axel » Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:15 pm

This point for markers is an important one. As a non-rider at the Aussie Titles and a spectator, I did wonder why some were able to ride all over tapes, even roll back several times on top of the tape, but another rider gets a 5 for touching the very tip of a marker. It was confusing from a spectator's viewpoint.

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