Brenton & families sabbatical

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Brenton & families sabbatical

Postby BAT Woman » Thu May 14, 2009 5:07 pm

Hey Brenton,
just read your articles on the SSDT & your son's youth trial ride, anyone who has done 'the trip' will readily recall similar incidents.
In '84 I did the trip with Steve Johnson then Aust. Solo Champ. The locals let us compete in a Youth trial & if I remember correctly Steve was up there but was not 1st. I was way back. We did the SSDT in beautiful weather & though long & tiring, was very do-able.
In '86 I returned with a big Aussie contingent. The Youth trial we were again allowed to ride was so mudly & slippery, I could not even get between the sections & all these little kids were cruising around, I sympathise with you Connor, it was most humbling.
Then, I rode the dreaded 1986 SSDT in atrocious weather, reported to have been the worse ever, (almost became the first 5 day trial), til this year! So, Kristie I hugely sympathise with you. It was the hardest thing I have ever done & just don't know how I finished, as I know Kristie will be also feeling like this.
Yes, if you miss sections you loose 50 points Brenton. I lost 250 one day because my bike seized & I could not ride 5 sections. It will be interesting to hear from Kristie what happened. Nothing will seem hard again!
Anyhow, I look forward to hearing about you next adventure.
Have fun!

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