Trials Tales # 22 - Mathematics

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Mark K
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Trials Tales # 22 - Mathematics

Postby Mark K » Mon Jun 01, 2009 10:46 pm

Forget your mathematics Greg. A little basic counting is more than enough for me.

I tried to imagine myself in the situation of the rider pictured in figure 2, which by the way is an interesting piece of mathematics with there being no figure 1, anyway I put myself in the picture and I found that mathematics would not enter my head at all. My thought process was more like this:

Holy Hell I’m a long way up in the air!!!!!! Brakes are useless for the moment. So are clutch and throttle. At least I can’t possibly put a foot down from up here. It’ll probably be at least another half a second before I lose any points!!!! Those dimensions “H” and “Y” are meaningless. “P” is about where I’ll crash painfully into the ramp, and then slide down “D” till my front wheel hits that block and I fly over the handlebars and right out of the illustration and into the adjacent text. I can think of one, no, two, no, three ways this could possibly end, and all of them hurt.

Please don’t bring mathematics into this. Its way too painful.

:P :mrgreen: :lol: =D> ^W^ ^-=-^

lewry family
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Re: Trials Tales # 22 - Mathematics

Postby lewry family » Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:37 pm

Once again, well done Greg. =D>
Being a 'liker of maths' I found this very humorous.

Trials.......the family sport

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