Trials tails #25

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Trials tails #25

Postby topend » Wed Aug 19, 2009 6:38 pm

Hi All
Sounds like you southerners are a wee bit on the soft side. Come up during the dry and it's still to hot for you and you didn't even get a ride in ? What's going on?
Try road racing in all the gear and see how you handle that! Driving home and even your fingers cramp around the steering wheel.
All jokes aside.
If your mate is looking for some one to ride with maybe I could help him out. Haven't ridden trials for awhile maybe 88, 89. Had an Italjet 350t. Learnt to ride it out the back of Enoggera hill. Been up here for 15 years and did road racing for about 12 of those. Always wanted to get back into trials.
I asked around up here and there was nothing. Cut a long story short. My two boys 7 and 9 are ridding the wheels of their ktm50's and time to upgrade.
Bright spark thinks hmmmmmmmm trials would be a good way to go. Considering that the youngest one is right into BMX and kicks arse all over the place. Show em some video and now looking for trials bikes to fit the the budget (set by she who must be obeyed).
If your mate would like someone to ride with I am sure that I could help out. In the near future I will also have a pair of keen followers.
In the mean time you southerners need to harden up a bit.

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Re: Trials tails #25

Postby David Lahey » Wed Aug 19, 2009 9:32 pm

Hey topend I am having difficulty imagining getting into RR leathers in summertime conditions up there. I lived in coastal NQ (Alligator Creek) for 8 years and never got acclimatised enough to be able to ride a full trial after about October. I remember one year we set the calendar with the last trial for the year in November and the venue was near sea level (very humid) and it was a full sun, still day. By about midday I had lost the ability to remember the sections and couldn't see anyway for the sweat in my eyes. Luckily there was a cattle watering dam and I walked into it in full riding gear till I was completely under water (helmets are good for floating your head by the way). The water was probably about 30 degrees but it was better in than out. I don't remember the rest of that trial.
I thought that NQ was a pretty hot place to live but then I went for a 2 month holiday to the NT in October and November in our campervan (with bike trailer behind). I reckon the worst was at Katherine trying to sleep at night on a beach in Nitmuluk NP. Everywhere you lay down felt like the sand was being heated from below.
A kiwi friend tells me that in their trials club they call trials riding off for the day if it goes over 25 degrees C. Even down here in Central Qld where it's not quite as hot as NQ, we wouldn't get much riding done with that rule at any time of the year.
Best of luck with the trials riding up there. There certainly is good terrain.

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Re: Trials tails #25

Postby gmcdesign » Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:42 am

Hi Topend,

Soft? Toughen up? Yes, most probably, but don't let that stop you Territorians having a good ride. There now is a concerted effort to get a organised riding group started in Darwin and I'm sure they're looking for extra members. See the post called "New Trials Club or Crochoppers". I believe there is an email contact at the top of the post.

Keep your feet up,

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Re: Trials tails #25

Postby PA » Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:27 pm

This will be the topic.

Croc Hoppers

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