Keeping NDMC Operational

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Keeping NDMC Operational

Postby motostar99 » Sat Sep 27, 2008 5:29 pm

In response to the NDMC post.

I was actually a member of NDMC approx 6 years ago and have just gotten back into trials about 4 months ago. When I was riding at NDMC it was great, there was a decent turnout at events and the majority of ppl willing to get in and make things happen. I contacted NDMC when i returned to the sport only to discover that as you have said, the club has died, much to my disappointment. This has led me to join LRMTC due to the fact that they are an active club and can provide the events I wish to ride in.

The hardest thing I see from this point is picking it back up from this point, because I'm sure there are many like me who would consider the club first due to its location, but then go elsewhere if no events are being held by the club. I guess what I'm saying is the events need to be taking place to attract and retain new members.

I would be very interested in trying to get the club back up and running as I live on the Northside and it's a great spot for me to head out to the property at Dayboro.

I guess my opinion from here would be to try and generate enough interest and ppl willing to get in and help to hold a club day or two. If we could get enough interest to be able to hold an event or two, then that would be a good way to pick it back up and keep the club active, and allow it to continue as a Trials club.

Anyway, thats my thoughts and i'd love to see the club continue and make something happen, as it's my choice of club to ride with, but like many others (i'm sure) there would need to be events to have the desire to be a member (which is hard with no members!)

Nic 8)

Rockin with the Gas Gas crew...

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Re: Keeping NDMC Operational

Postby lukesta888 » Sun Sep 28, 2008 6:05 pm


As you know I would be happy to do what I can to help.

Since I'm a Samford local I would be more than happy to knock on doors and ask around the town to try to secure a handfull of good properties.

As you said its a great spot to ride


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Re: Keeping NDMC Operational

Postby lukesta888 » Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:42 pm

Anyone Interested in keeping NDMC operational?
Paul McAllister | 26.09.2008 | 06:08:55 | Views: 149 | News
Is anyone interested in keeping the NDMC Trials Division going or are we flogging a dead horse?


NDMC has been active in the Brisbane Trials scene for over 30 years and it will be a shame to see its trials division fold.

Over the past year or more NDMC has had a steady/rapid decline in active trials members, where as the number Enduro members have remained steady.

The number of active trials members is up to the point where we can no longer hold events. Even a club day is a big ordeal.

There seems to be no real interest in keeping the Trials division of NDMC operational.

So, for me anyway, this notice is a last ditched effort in keeping the Trials division functioning.

I don't get it, We have a excellent trials property available (thanks Bruce) at Dayboro, all the gear and club administration is in place and working.

So what's the problem? Please tell.

-Is it the constant clearing of lantana? – I am not thrilled to the back teeth about it either, but clearing sections is just part of the game.

-Is there a need for four clubs in the Brisbane area or is three clubs enough?

-The Trials division of the club is not administered properly? If so, please feel free to do something about it.

All we need to do to get competitions running again is to clean up a bit of lantana and set a few tapes.

There have been suggestions that we down grade the number of sections and only cater for riders up to C grade as this will lessen the work load greatly.

All suggestions from people prepared to have a go are welcome.

If the trials division is to fold then I will feel that I have let down all of the past members who have contributed to making NDMC trials viable over the last 25 plus years, but then there is only so much a few people can do.

I would like to once again thank all of the NDMC Enduro members and numerous others who have supported us in years gone by.

Robert and I are still keen to keep the trials division going …. Is any one else?

Please let us know.

Paul McAllister & Robert Marsden


Sorry Nic, I have just read the article on the home page, thought it best to cut and paste it here before I respond.

I too was a member of NDTC some 10 odd years ago and enjoyed the people and the properties that were avaiable to us. I must admit though at the time I felt that the club was very divided when it came to the trials guys. I may be critisized for saying but maybe a club that has enduro and trials is always going to be a challange. Both riding styles have very differing needs and wants and maybe that's what is hindering its growth.

Maybe the northside needs its stand alone trials club ???

What do other riders who are members of the other 3 clubs in brisbane think of the above ?

Thoughts ?????

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Re: Keeping NDMC Operational

Postby lukesta888 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 11:47 am

Has NDTC now shut up shop ?

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Re: Keeping NDMC Operational

Postby BOGWHEEL » Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:25 am

Was watching the Yahoo Group - - No activity since 2007 though. Seeing the photos of robert marsden burried in lantana - maybe a big job to get going again?

Really like the concept of the dual disciplines.

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Re: Keeping NDMC Operational

Postby Twinshock » Thu Sep 16, 2010 3:41 pm

Hi Guys
As President of LRMTC and also an interested individual I would love to see a trials club flourishing on the northside, I think most riders enjoyed riding at Laceys Ck, it was a break from the normal southside venues and NDMC always ensured there was healthy competition amongst the four SE Qld clubs.
On the other hand I also understand the difficulties of working in a dual event MCC and having been involved in a club like that I can tell from experience that it doesn't work long term.
The problem with starting a new northside Trials exclusive MQ affilliated club is having enough people appropriately licenced to comply with the requirements of MQ to operate.
I believe a club could be formed to run club events with a level 2 Steward and Clerk o t Course, a level 1 scrutineer and a level 1 race secretary and then you need the people for the working bee's. This can work if the afore mentioned are a close knit group that get on well together and its only when personalities start to clash that trouble arises.
I believe there are possibly some requirements of MQ that each club runs an open event each season and if this is the case, will require a higher level of officials within the club to comply, again, presenting problems for a new club.

Over the years I have started three new trials clubs and understand the problems but if guys are keen enough to ride then they will make it happen and I am only too willing to assist with advice if required.
Good luck guys
Roger Galpin

Roger Galpin

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