200 Cota Kickstart Tensioning

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200 Cota Kickstart Tensioning

Postby 29MarkT » Wed Aug 26, 2015 8:46 pm

Hi, I have recently replaced the idler gear on my 200 Cota, and I am struggling to fathom the correct way to tension the assembly once refitted.

Does anybody have any experience of reassembling correctly?

New pawl gear has also been fitted, along with the correct shims, and new return and shaft spring.

The bit causing me the main trouble is securing the shaft in the correct position and tension prior to refitting the side case, the shaft needs to be in a specific position for the slot in the shaft to mate up in the right position for the kick start securing bolt and not smash the casing.

Any help / pictures appreciated.


Mark Trueman
England :montesa

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