TL timing chain TIP.

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TL timing chain TIP.

Postby Jools » Wed May 03, 2017 10:39 am

If your TL125 suddenly develops timing chain noise and/or you can't adjust it, check for this issue:

The camchain tensioner adjuster down below relies on a small circlip to keep it in place at the base of the tensioner blade. This circlip can easily drop off resulting in the tensioner becoming useless, what's more the circlip drops down into the crankcases with potential dramatic 'rearrangement' of expensive components down there!

The fix is dead simple. Remove the tensioner assembly and just drill a small hole so you can fit a split pin and washer in place of the circlip.
If you have one of those little magnetic telescopic lights, poke it around in the crankcase, if you're lucky you'll pull it out with a little circlip stuck on the end! (There may be a washer down in there as well). And check the drained oil too.
Even if your circlip hasn't failed yet, it probably worth doing this fix as it as it probably will at some stage.

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