Hey, where did this come from - Thanks Keith

Need help finding information or parts for that old machine in your shed? Someone in here will know!

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Rob W
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Hey, where did this come from - Thanks Keith

Postby Rob W » Wed Nov 01, 2006 10:14 am

Ha, beat you Feetup! Got the first post in.

Now just waiting for someone to write something intelligent!


Ca plane pour moi

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Postby Neo » Wed Nov 01, 2006 12:04 pm

Hey Keith,

This is great….I love watching the TwinShocks in a section. Might consider going that way myself one day. 8)

Come-on Rob, your just the guy to put some intellect into this Section :wink:

Best of balance.


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Postby Stu » Wed Nov 01, 2006 10:13 pm

Yes, a Forum just for us! Thanks Keith! :P :P :D :D

Feet up, as always!

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Postby Tee-Why » Thu Nov 02, 2006 12:30 am

Hi all, and thanks again to Keith.
I requested this section as I think we needed one, and it looks to be received well so far! :P
I will be getting a twinshock or a classic bike some time in the near future (once the modern is sold). I was doing some research around the web and notice in other forums they have this section, so some local content to rides, info, help, parts etc would benefit all.

My reason to get into twinshock or classic trials myself is work and family commitments have prevented me from riding the last season, and I would rather turn up occasionally for fun, not to ride as competitively.
Vintage bikes are an interest anyway to me with an old BSA project I have also. (non trials)

I would like to see older riders be able to drop back to this class rather than drop out as the case in modern courses set for modern bikes. (Some discussion here), and promote this side to trials to everyone, as there a lot of people just have such bikes lying in sheds and not ridden. More interest in this type of riding may get more riders back out there.

I think its great what you guys are doing in the east with your rides, and certainly shows their is a growing interest and strong support. I hope to replicate this enthusism in the west.

Roger Burrell

I would rather push my twinshock than ride a modern!

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Postby smack » Wed Nov 08, 2006 7:37 pm

Having not ridden my TL125 since the very early 80's, and having a loan of a TY175 some years before, I was keen to take up an offer from Tharyn and Rob to head up to Gladstone for a twinshock event. Well doesn't it come flooding back to you quickly. Cedric shared his TY175 with me and gave me a few tips on how to get the best from her. Enjoyable weekend I had.

Came back to Hobart and decided to get the TL250 running. My brother gave it to me 5 years ago and it's just sat in the shed, waiting it's turn. Headed out to a Tassie club training day last month and fiddled about in the easier stuff. An offer of a ride of a modern bike was taken up. Thanks Barry! Don't they make riding so much easier. I didn't stay on it for long, as I didn't want to have to spend a few grand to get yet another bike for the shed. So back on the TL250 for the rest of the day, poking about on the easier stuff again.

Made me decide to restore the 125 that I got back after a 25 year seperation. It's a bit sad, but for minimum outlay I'll get it to a condition that will get me back riding regularly in the class.

ang s
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hi guys.

Postby ang s » Tue Nov 14, 2006 10:36 pm

Hello to all you twin shock and classic riders. Our club in Central Qld has just had a heap of riders go down and compete at Connandale North of Brissy. Was a great week end even with the rain. I ride a TY175 and the hubby rides a Bultaco Sherpa T250 when we ride twin shock. Yes we both have mono shocks but its good to get onto the older bikes.
Its sad to see so many old bikes stored in sheds that are'nt being ridden.
Theres usually 1 or 2 meets down near Biggenden each year which are for twin shocks/classics and we ride the non stop rule. Thats where Smack came and had so much fun !

Hope to catch you in a section soon. Angela.

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