1964 Bultaco Sherpa T

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Re: 1964 Bultaco Sherpa T

Postby A.Phillipson » Thu Mar 25, 2010 9:52 pm

its is quite a popular bike now,its 2 threads on this forum,made the front page and has votes cast against it and for those not know its be picture in VMX with an artical by david lahey(thanks for the mention david)

My bike should be able to retire from competion and live the high life.

however i have to ride this year and prove a point,with all this childish behavior thats happening regarding my bike.

ill have to charge $2 a look
$5 a touch
$50 a photo
$200 a ride

better charge $70 per protest submitted aswell

the problem with my bike being apart of history is that i know were another one is that i could get and restore.them i could have an M10 army to obliterate the trials scene with there good looks.

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Re: 1964 Bultaco Sherpa T

Postby Stu » Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:17 pm

It's a pity that this has happened to you and your Bulto. If it's stamped Dec 1964 and verified as a Pre 65, leave it as such and ride! You rode very well in the Aussie titles last year and full credit to you and your Old Man. Well done to the both of you.

Feet up, as always!

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Re: 1964 Bultaco Sherpa T

Postby Observer 3000 » Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:48 pm

Come on Alan
Tell us what it's stamped!

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Re: 1964 Bultaco Sherpa T

Postby mtbrider » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:42 pm

That Bully is one of the nicest bikes I have ever seen. SWEET.

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Re: 1964 Bultaco Sherpa T

Postby TriCub » Fri May 28, 2010 10:13 pm


Alan I've only just joined this forum as I normaly find forums be be a waste of time but after hearing about what is going on in the classic scene I feel the need to add my 2 cents worth.

Nice bike by the way.

I would like to ask all the classic rider out there who has ridden a Bultaco M10 or even any old Bultaco up to an M49 in recent times. It seems that the desire to ban this bike is based on the belief that an M10 Bultaco is some sort of unbeatable bike that out classes all other pre65 machines.
Now I have ridden a very nicely restored M49 (Thanks David) at a trial and ridden the exact same sections on my Tiger Cub and there was no comparision. The Bultaco was an over weight pig (Sorry David) and I'm sure your M10 would have been just as bad if not worse. The Cub being some 12 to 15 kg lighter just killed it.
I can't believe how people think that having Spanish bikes in the classic class is a bad thing. I guess if we all had 500 pommmy singles a Bultaco would be big improvment but on the sections that we are riding on at most if not all trials the much lighter Cubs and Bantams (not forgetting Rob Leggets Honda) are far better.

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