Twinshock & Classic trials WA - February Update

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Twinshock & Classic trials WA - February Update

Postby Tee-Why » Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:59 am

Hello again,
Hope the Christmas break treated you well, and getting set for your trials year. Since my last post, the AJS and Pathfinders Trials Clubs have set their calendars and listed below are the events nominated for Twinshock and Classic trials, hope they fit somewhere in between for you.

- Dead Easy Trial (AJS) Sunday 25/2/07

- Summer Series 3 - (Pathfinders) (possibly Ferguson Valley, Bunbury) Saturday 7/04/07

- Blackwood 2Day – Kirup (Pathfinders) Sunday & Monday 3-4/06/07

- Bullsbrook Scottish - Bullsbrook (AJS interclub) 31/06/07 - 1/07/07
- Wood ‘N’ Iron Series x3 (Pathfinders) Sunday 7/10/07; 21/10/07; 4/11/07


Twinshock & Classic Trials (T.S. & C) - FAQ

Q With the TS & C trials nominated, are the TS & C bikes the only bikes competing on the day?

A No, the event will include modern bikes competing on the same course, however TS & C lines set in the sections will be the same for the modern bikes, taking in account for TS & C bikes as well by the course setter and wont be too tough.

Q Can I ride an ‘80’s aircooled monoshock bike in TS & C ?

A Not in TS & C, but you can ride any bike you choose, as long as it’s a trials bike that passes scrutineering. We are not that strict, but do have a cut off at twinshock to be eligible for points in a series (Wood & Iron Design series is a TS & C trophy series, and all other bikes competing are handicapped separately)
A monoshock would compete with all the other bikes in the grade you nominate. At the moment there is no class for older bikes of this type.

Q Do I only ride the trials events nominated in the calendar for the TS & C bikes ?

A You can actually ride any event you want in the calendars, and enter on any trials bike for any grade you prefer. The intention to nominate events for TS & C is to bring together these bikes on that day and have a more friendly set trial for the older bike.

Q I am not a trials club member or MWA licenced rider, can I ride?

A You can ride as a guest of the club for one ride only under the “have a go” proviso.
This is a Recreation Licence, you would still be able to ride in the sections, but would not be competing for points.
You are expected to join the club and be licenced or use one-event licence if you want to ride again at their events. (Prior notification to the club is courteous)

Q What are the costs involved to compete?

A On the whole you will need to be a club member, have a competition licence, and on the day pay an entry fee to ride.
Club membership is around $40-65 per club for an individual (see membership forms).
An annual open competition licence for trials ONLY is $175 for an adult. (Approx equal to 4x one-event licences)
A one-event licence is $44 for that day.
A recreation licence (non competitive) is $15 for the day.
Entry fee at the event is $10.

Q Do I just turn up and ride?

A Please allow enough time to get to the event, early enough to sign on and pay entry fee etc, get prepared to ride and get your bike scrutineered. You must have appropriate riding clothing such as an approved helmet to Aust/NZ Standard AS1698, and clothing like long pants shirt, gloves and calf length boots minimum.
Event at property – gates are open at 8.00am, Scrutineering closes at 9.00am, Riders Meeting at 9.15am, and ride commences at 9.30am. Penalties apply if you turn up late.
Bike must be safe and functional to pass scrutineering, and must have trials tyres and a nameplate with you name on it. Twinshock nameplates will have White background/Black lettering, and Classic is Black background/White lettering for those grades. The lines in the sections are marked white or intro for these grades between the tapes. Do not enter a section until acknowledged by the observer and clear the section when walking it when another rider has entered it.
Riding bibs with your entry number will be issued for the ride. This is your riding number and to save congestion at the first section, it is preferable if you start on the section that’s the last number on you bib. This is not hard and fast rule, as you ride with your mate if you want.

Q Can I bring my dog?

A Sorry no dogs at all are allowed at the events – NO exceptions (except guidedogs). Not even if they are on a leash or left in the car, bring them and you will not ride. Reasons are you are on someone else’s farm property and with respect to the owners and their livelihood of livestock and that we would like to continue riding there in the future, dogs can be a problem, and especially around motorbikes.

Q How do I know when the ride has finished?

A You will have had to have completed the required laps of the sections you have been given at the riders meeting that morning, remembering to finish where you started at that section, or the cut off at 3.00pm as advised. The observer’s scores will be tallied back in the carpark and read out about 1/2hr later. If you happen to retire early, notify an official and try and get someone to notify all observers (another rider), and hand back your bib.
A custom expected of everybody is at days end, hang around the section that’s the last number of your bib, and when given the ok by the observer is to pull the tapes and pegs into the satchel. Many hands make light work and you will be back ready in time to pack up and hear the results.

Please get hold of me via contacts below, or contact a Committee member from either trials club for further details.

Roger Burrell
Pathfinder and AJS Trials Club member.
Ph: 0438 266 173

I would rather push my twinshock than ride a modern!

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Update to an update!

Postby Tee-Why » Mon Feb 19, 2007 11:31 pm

Just recently another Trial has come to my attention for Twinshock & Classic bikes. Steve Cox made it known to me he is setting Summer Series 2 – March 18th (Pathfinders).
If you remember back last year he set a ‘50’s style course that was a lot of fun with a “No foot” section, a “Not walked” section and a “Speed Timed” section. Steve ensures me he aims to do something similar again – don’t miss this one at AJS Park!


I would rather push my twinshock than ride a modern!

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