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Postby gandaroy » Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:03 am

Hi everyone, I have recently purchased two 1976 TY175's. I only want to keep one and was wondering if anyone would know if one bike is more collectable than the other. One is the registerable model, engine number starting with IN4 and the other is standard model starting with engine number 525. Both have matching frame and engine numbers. Cheers from Geoff.

David Lahey
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Re: TY175

Postby David Lahey » Sun Sep 18, 2011 8:13 pm

Hi Geoff. If you are talking about Australia, the 1N4 TY175 was very popular when new and sold in huge numbers, and are very popular in twinshock trials competition.
The 525 prefix 1976 TY175 would be a C model which is the TY175 model that sold in the highest numbers and are very popular in twinshock trials competition.
As far as twinshock trials bikes go, TY175s sold in such huge numbers, and still exist in such huge numbers, that I am having trouble imagining a TY175 being considered as collectible. Maybe if a particular TY175 had some sort of provenance it could be considered collectible.
Some people are willing to pay extra to have an ADR compliance plate (1N4 model) on their trials bike.

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