Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby TerrY » Sat Mar 09, 2013 8:10 pm

Hello everyone,

Please add me to the list.
I became involved in trials when my younger son showed some skill and Ron Chadwick nagged me to join WDTC in 1993.
As our sons grew up and skirts became more attractive than trials, Ron continued to nag me to get a Classic and ride with him. So I obtained a James Captain with 6E Villiers which had been owned by WhiteHillbilly. It had been modified by him and was the best running Classic around. My skills were limited but Ron, Neil Green and I were at the same skill level and enjoyed the riding of the Intro lines.
However the dreaded white arrow appeared as most of the other Classic riders were very skilled. I felt a bit lost when I was the only one riding Intro. Ron went to Short Track and Motocross on 3 wheels, but occasiobally can be cajoled to riding Classic at Conondale.
I was disappointed by the reaction to the Bultaco riding in the Aus Titles and the comedy of errors after that. I still ride a TY250R in Intro ( to preserve the James ) but am mainly involved with Officiating and Coaching with WDTC.
I also ride road & mountain bicycles about 100km per week and find that sometimes more satisfying than trial. Less spincter clenching.

I do not have a good working knowledge of the details of the various bike available in the Classic and Twinshock eras. However I have the ability to provide a review of proposed rules - an idiots view of whether they make sense or not and whether there are any pitfalls, ommissions, etc.


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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby gristy » Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:18 pm

Count me in,most people in classics know me.
Regards Gristy

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby whitehillbilly » Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:34 am

Pre70 non competitive, no trophies, with a pat on the back for the winner at the end of the day.

Whitehillbilly ( standard 1960, Greeves 24TCS )
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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby billy » Sun Mar 10, 2013 7:42 am

Count me in.
I live south of Brisbane.

Old trials riders never die ......... their rocks just get smaller.

Gary Mc
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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby Gary Mc » Sun Mar 10, 2013 4:02 pm

Hi all, please count me in as well.
I don't ride that much these days but still have a good collection of Honda trials bikes. First bike was a new TL125 in 1974 rode a few trials but maily trail riding, I rode this to a lot more places than my mates on trail bikes. But I do have a good reason now to support some rule changes as I am building a pre65 bike to the current rules, some rule changes will make it easier and some might make me rethink what I can build, but botom line is it needs to be done now.

Over the last 23 years the classic scene in Victoria has been slowly dying even with an helping hand from the classic die hards that we have down here. There is a great need to revamp the class but not just the rules reguarding elegibility, as others have already said we need to look at the big picture and do what we can for the majority of riders.
A simple eg: its not only elegibility thats causing problems with riders, If you look at the most sucessful club in Australia in the last 5 years (SQTA) they have NO rules for pre 65 yet they don't run a classic class because they dont have classic riders. Yet another club like Denman can get a great turnout by running a trial specifically for pre 65/twinshock ie grades and sections to suit the riders.

Sorry for the rant but one last point, a major change to pre 65 in Spain was mentioned in a post by David less than than 12 weeks ago and to date has only had 1 reply, here is the link My first thoughts were this was way to complicated but after a good read of this page and the discussion on trials central I think a system like this would help to keep older bikes competing.
Then you would only need 3 rules: 1- All bikes that are standard, 2- all bikes that are modified, 3- make riders ride their classic bike in the grade of their licence!!
Ok I'm only joking about the last one but it would be entertaining. :D :

Gary Mc :VIC:

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby sybella » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:27 pm

Hi all ,please leave me out ,i will just stick to Motor cycling Australia Manual of motor cycling sport. And i will just adjust my bikes to suit and ride the things in as many trials as i can . cheers tony bax

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby JC1 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 3:21 pm

David, I'll tentatively dip my toe in the water & say, add my name to the list too as a possible/potential competitor in this class & one who can do admin-type stuff.

Tentatively cos i) I'm new to trials (tho not to dirt-biking) & have no desire to 'push my weight around', ii) I can do without a 'bunfight' (if it turns into that), iii) until reading the "Cub barrells" thread I was only interested in twinshock but that has changed, & iv) I have debilitating health issues that curtail my riding considerably. (I only go out on my better days)

My interest mainly is in helping to achieve consensus on effective rule changes so Classics can prosper rather than die out. I can help w admin type stuff.

A little background as David requested & since many of you don't know me:

More-or-less semi-retired due to debilitating health issues
Grew up in CQ (Gladstone, Rockhampton) & raced scrambles/mx in early-mid 70s on bultacos, kawasaki & maico
Haven't been involved in competition for years due to health & location/isolation (FNQ, no twinshock trials there for yonks)
Was into VMX bikes but interests have shifted to vintage trials, more recently to classics
Just moved to Toowoomba before Christmas & joined WDTC in the new year.
Scoured FNQ before I left & scored a few twinshocks cheaply, but they're very "used". Need a lot of work & they're not here yet anyway. (Coming soon I hope)
Also have the 'bones' of a couple of potential classics that I hope to build in due course.
Have decent knowledge of the spanish bikes of the era, some on english bikes but little on Italian bikes.

"Men are never more likely to settle a matter rightly than when they can discuss it freely"

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby gumby » Fri Mar 15, 2013 7:51 pm

David. Please add me to the list as I have have pile of 50s british single parts which i'm interested in building as Classic trials bike.

Dave Shipley

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby grs0 » Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:07 pm

G'day All

Please count me in also, as the Classic scene in Victoria needs as much support as we can muster.
Geoff L and Jeff S and others from interstate, have all both provided comments that can only help the overall rejuvenation/progression of the class.
We need to set a list of rules everyone can live with one way or another regarding mods that could be done if so desired, that dont change for at least 2-3 years, and lines that can be ridden by 2-3 different levels of rider, and I'm sure the great,old bikes will reappear again.

Gordon Smith(Clubman level, restoring a B40)

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Re: Classic Trials rules in Australia - who is interested?

Postby mike-b » Sat Mar 16, 2013 9:54 am

Hi All
I would be interested but living in :SA: makes it hard to get to Classic trials
We are trying to get twinshock going in South Australia as there was only 1 rider who turned up to each trial with a twinshock last season, now we hope to have 5/6 for this season but it is easyer to get hold of twinshock bikes
As to getting hold of a bike to use in Pre 65 thats another problem as is the size of the Australia for people to get to the trials to ride there Pre 65 against other Pre 65 bikes,maybe there could be a long weekend event each year somewere in a central place for everybody that we could attend but as for SA i can not see there being enough riders with a intrest to pay $3000+ for a bike to ride once a year so the more bikes that would be allowed the better to keep prices down

Thanks Mike

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