Trials bike for a beginner

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Trials bike for a beginner

Postby Toxic Avenger » Fri Nov 06, 2009 6:29 pm

G'day all, I am new to trials, currently looking for a bike to learn on.
I used to ride BMX when I was younger, but now looking to get into trials for exercise and fun.

I'm looking for advice on a decent new or used bike for a beginner, I'm open to both a 20'' or larger type bike, still a little apprehensive to getting a bike without a seat, but im sure that will change :lol:
Thinking of a giant STP, if not another complete bike (anyone know who sells complete trials bikes in aus?). Budget is flexible, but would prefer a used and/or relatively cheap as i will probably trash a new bike within weeks when learning.

I'm 175cm tall and just under 80kg. I live in the newcastle NSW area. Any recommendations fellas?

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