Sponsored Riders in Oz

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Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby grouch » Mon Sep 08, 2008 7:04 pm

OK, I assume that the top trials riders in Europe are provided with new bikes, riding gear, oils & lubricants, spare parts, tyres, transport, fuels, accomodation etc etc.

I guess there is plenty of $$ to splash around over there due to the big populations and the large following that trials has in Europe.

But what about in Oz? What do our top riders get? Do they get new bikes from the sponsors or do they have to buy them. Do they get free 'stuff' or do they have to support themselves for the love of the sport?

Anyone in the know?

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby backyardy » Wed Sep 10, 2008 6:06 am

As far as I know they are sponsored by oil companies (distributors at least) with their products, possibly riding clothes and maybe tyres. I doubt they would receive bikes. Although, for the TDN I believe that may occur on a loan basis offered by some European importers.

Trick is to listen to who they thank at the trophy presentations.

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby Scorps » Wed Sep 10, 2008 10:35 am

Howdy Y'all,

The situation as I see it, there would be less than 3 riders who would get free bikes every year - remember they have to give them back, so the dealer only wears the depreciation. Some more would be on "free upgrade" deal, where they might have bought a bike to begin with but now get free upgrades. Some would be getting a hefty discount, and some would get no favours.

These deals will also include a cheap parts, maybe free parts. The rest of the sponsorship is generally through companies who are involved with motorcycling - oil, parts, clothes, tyres. The rest is generally through companies who either are involved with the rider through family, friends or their work. Probably the biggest non-trials involvement is with the Hell Team freestyle trials team, who are sponsored by Coke.

Having been through the motions of developing team promotional brochures, writing letter after letter to potential sponsors outside the industry, even the beginnings of making a promotional video, I can say that people outside motorcycling are not very interested in sponsoring trials. Why? No exposure. Unless you are making regular media appearances, or riding/performing infront of large crowd numbers, they won't be getting any bang for their buck - again check the crowds the freestyle trials team perform in front of to get my drift.

If anyone knows different feel free to chime in.

Your friendly neighbourhood ScorpaMan,

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby motostar99 » Wed Sep 10, 2008 5:33 pm

yeah thats the problem with Oz. The exposure. Watch any world trials round and see how many spectators are there.

I'm guessing it has to do with a couple of things: 1. The lack of promotion due to funding. 2. The locations are very spectator un-friendly and usually a dirt road and plenty of k's away from civilisation.

There was an indoor round held about 7 years ago that I remember well and there was a decent turn out of spectators to this event (mind you it was probably the trials community anyway!) but i reckon unless Australia can have more of these type of events where they will actually be able to get sponsors and promote the event, I don't think it will get to the point we'd like to see it where there's dollars to spend on riders and the spectators to get the sponsors..

My 2c

Nic 8)

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby David Lahey » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:26 pm

At this point I would like to thank my main sponsors:

My partner Wendy Lahey - without whom I would not be able to ride trials due to otherwise having to look after the kids.

My employer - without working I wouldn't be able to afford to ride trials.

My Dad - for finding weird old bikes in the late 1960s and getting them to go well enough so that I could learn to ride and become a person equally obsessed with motorbikes.

All the obsessed motorbike riders who support each other via their enthusiasm.

David Lahey

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Gary B
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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby Gary B » Wed Sep 10, 2008 9:13 pm

Here's two cents worth from someone in the motorcycle trade.
Sponsors normally go for getting their products more exposure.
More exposure, more sales, more dollars in their bank.
Riders with huge exposure get the dollars & products etc.
Guy's like Valentino Rossi in Moto GP & James Stewart in USA MX get paid millions of dollars to wear AGV, Dainese, Fox etc.
These guys are in almost every issue of every magazine that comes out world wide.
All comes back to exposure.
We love our sport of Moto-Trials but the best exposure we get is when Foxtel shows some world indoors on one of their sports channels.
I've been with Monza Imports for 14 years & I've always pushed to help Trials as much as I can.
Kevin Zarczynski has been in Fox riding gear for years & also has used Dunlop tyres for as long. Kevin has had more exposure in Australia than any other Trials rider, Kevin did a trials collum for ADB magazine for years & still gets us some press exposure.
But here's that hard part, I don't know of any extra sales we have got because Kev Zar has been using & promoting these products.
Many other Trials riders are supported with reduced prices on tyres & gear they use.
Kids walk into bike shops & buy Fox because they want to wear what "Bubba" Stewart wears. Guys buy AGV Helmets & Dainese leathers because thats what Rossi uses.
In 2004 Monza imports provided over 100 t-shirts to the officials & observers when NSW ran the Australian C/ships. These shirts has Alpinestar logos screened on them, but we didn't sell any extra No-Stop boots because of the sponsorship.
Once again Moto-Trials has next to no exposure.
I'm just lucky that I have a very generous boss & he likes to help with all facets of Motorcycle sport in Australia.
Our sport is unfortunately a minority sport in Australia & hence will get a minority of sponsorship.

I'm not wanting to sound glum, just passing on some facts.


Gary B. from Wollongong MCC.
Now the Old Man in "Team Boniface"

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby bigdamo » Thu Sep 11, 2008 7:39 am

Thanks Gary for that very informative perspective from someone in the trade.

So do we need more riders participating in trials to grow awareness or do we need to market the sport of moto trials to the general public to help with sponsorship and the general well being of the sport of moto trials.

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby Starky » Thu Sep 11, 2008 11:49 am

I may not have a sponsorship but the three local bike shops all give me at least a 10% discount.

Jokingly I have an arrangement with Motoworks here in Maryborough where he gives me a discount on everything I buy from him, like above and I stick his promotional logo on the side of my TY.

Not what I call a true sponsorship deal but in my little dreams he does sponsor me and supports our local trials riders very well.

I know one MX rider that Motorworks does sponsor and that rider doesn't get much more then me.

So I declare I am a sponsored rider. Now don't anyone come along and destroy my delusional dreams :D :D :D


When competing in a trial, I don't suffer from nerves, I get way too excited for that stuff!!!!

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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby bgradesherco » Sat Dec 27, 2008 10:41 pm

A few years ago my dad and wanted to go to perth for the aussie titles, we went around to all the local businesses and ended up raking in around 5k, which was just enough to get us and the bikes over there.

the next year one of the businesses came aboard as a major sponser and that pretty much paid for a new bike.

after that they deemed it was not worth it and pulled the plug,

All in all It was good to be a sponsored rider for a couple of years but it was REALLY hard work, especially trying to explain about the concept of trials


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Re: Sponsored Riders in Oz

Postby gordonmichaellee » Sun Dec 28, 2008 3:07 pm

How about the flip side of the argument.

Maybe its good that no one has a great sponsoship deal.
A. because it keeps everyone down to earth and friendly.

B. it keeps it good as a family sport

C. because at least it is a level playing field.

just my thoughts

Cheers Gordo

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