Aussie Titles / Women's Title feedback

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Aussie Titles / Women's Title feedback

Postby outfit65 » Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:33 pm

WOW! These two threads have sure put up some interesting points, and I would like to add to it, but hopefully only in a constructive and positive way. So here I go.

From what I can gather most of you from the eastern seaboard come from Clubs that are mostly, or only, trials orientated, meaning that most of your members ride? Here in SA we really only have one Club like that, the AJS MTC, which means that when a Club like Keyneton run an Aussie Titles they can rely on their 120+ members who don't ride moto trials for support in running the event and observing.
In the lead up to last years Titles the KMCC ran 2 observers schools for all the enduro, mx and reliability trials riders in the Club, to teach them the art of observing. The KMCC also had many friends from other Club's that were prepared to give a day, or 2 as well.
What this means is that even though they don't ride moto trials the observers are motorcyclists with a good idea of what moto trials are, which resulted in few disagreements between riders and observers last year.
** An option for 2009 may be to approach other 'non trials' Clubs in the area to see if their members would like to help. Offer them free entry, lunch and drinks and the 'best seat in the house' and you may be surprised how many you get.

I, personally, think the classes that are now being run are more than enough, and there is a class for every one to ride in, if they want to ride an Aussie Title meeting that badly!
Most other facets no longer run 'support' classes at Aussie Title rounds, or meetings. A reason for this I would suggest would be a lack of time and although this wouldn't be relevent in trials due to everyone out on course together it may slow the event down by increasing waiting time to enter sections. With 146 entries in 2007 and 139 this year spread over 30 sections each day, ques at sections could increase with the introduction of support classes.
If a rider competeing for an Aussie Title was slowed by a support class rider and didn't finish in time, he would receive penalties that could cost him a Title. Yes, there are ways and means to ensure this wouldn't happen, but it still could.
One post stated that riders between the ages of 21 and 35 weren't being catered for. Why can't riders between the ages of 21 and 35 compete? There are three (3) classes available to riders between these ages. Post Classic, Classic and Sidecars! Grab an old Twinshock out of your mates shed and have a ride. 2 KMCC members did that last year on old TY's, had a ball and ended up rejoicing under the names of 'Crash & Bash'!
If you want to ride the Titles that badly - the bottom line is you can!

One system that has been used before and may be considered for 2009 is this;
The Trials Commission grade all the girls riding Australia wide into 3 classes, (for example) Expert, Clubman and Novice. (The Sherco Women's Cup could also be used for this)
At the Aussie Titles the Experts ride Yellow splits, Clubman Blue splits and Novice White (junior) splits.
If there are 4 girls riding Yellow they fight over positions 1st through 4th, 6 girls ride Blue and fight over 5th through 10th and the Novice riders fill the remaining positions.
It means that riders place in the Titles in the order of difficulty they ride, rewarding the best riders, which is what an Aussie Titles should do.
This may encourage more girls to have a ride at the Titles, because by the sound of it there are some who would like to ride but are a bit put off by the sections.

Hope this helps those who are running the Titles in 2009

Sidecars - its betta to have a swinger than fly solo!

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Re: Aussie Titles / Women's Title feedback

Postby Axel » Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:01 pm

Great comments Outfit. I certainly don't believe that the Aussie Titles is for everyone and do feel there are too many title classes. This event is to find the best of the best and you don't need three junior Aussie champs, etc. to prove this, or multiple women's title classes. I am, though, all for support classes to fill the numbers at these events, for those that are not going to be the "best of the best".

From a PR point of view, I see the Aussie Titles as the most likely event to be seen by non trials riders as it always receives the most "promotion" time by way of advertising previous to the event, results of the day, and follow-up articles by those in attendance. These end up being seen on television (sometimes) websites (especially important the MA one for non trials riders) and local newspapers, and is more likely to draw newcomers to the sport than any other event in the country. Sometimes I get the feeling by posts on here that many don't want newcomers and like it just the way it is. Which is fine but with new riders comes family members - yes observers! Also comes sponsorship money and more spectators. Maybe even girlfriends, wives, sisters, daughters, etc. etc. It is a shame Brooke Lonie didn't finish her diary on the MA site as she stopped when she progressed to the riding part. This would have been great to encourage more girls.

Regarding your comment about the 21 to 35 year olds (which was my point). Say I rode bikes in another discipline in this age bracket and saw the promotion of the Aussie Titles. I went along to watch and thought I might have a go at this and asked you how I could compete there next year. If you told me I would have to ride Post Classic, Classic or Sidecar, somehow I don't think you would have me rushing to sign up! No offence to these guys who ride these bikes, but I think you do it for the love of these bikes as much as the sport. I would also note that by far the largest class is the Veterans who seem to be extremely well catered for. Again, no criticism of these great guys, but they do take up a large amount of the competition, when it is said there is no more room for a fairer distribution of the age brackets, and can give the impression that the sport is for the "more mature" males. Please don't all attack me for this one! Maybe if this newcomer hung around long enough and spoke to a few more people he might find he can start at club level and work his way up, but usually that first impression moment is lost by then.

Pacific Park could be a great avenue for riders, observers and spectators of other bike disciplines! :lol:

Steve Holzhauser
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Re: Aussie Titles / Women's Title feedback

Postby Steve Holzhauser » Sat Oct 25, 2008 4:29 pm

Hi Axel,
On the Junior grading, these have just recently been added through the want of the vast majority of the trials community. These youngster are the future and this is the very best way to keep them in the sport with an achievable goal as they are growing up. The Junior and Senior Womens division is just what was needed and given time Im sure it will be very well supported.

I have trouble with your reasoning of attracting more 21 to 35 years aged riders and giving them a class to compete in.
Unless these riders have had a prior grounding in this skill the vast majority will struggle to achieve a high degree of control to manage sections of a National standard. The existing riders in this age group will thrash them so thoroughly most will give it away before they begin.
Aquiring bike skills does not happen overnight, and even the car park extremos who can astound you with their bike control, when put between the tapes find there is more to this art of motorcycle than meets the eye.

As for the the Veterans, leave us alone as there would be no good stories abounding as to how good we used to be. :wink:
Seriously, many of the Veterans that do make up the large field of riders each year are either men that have been in the sport continuously or former riders who have had trialing experience and have come back as their commitments to family and business have been achieved and have the time once again to enjoy their choosen sport.

I feel support classes will only add conjestion on race day and create a heavier work load on the organising clubs.

Rider numbers in 2007 in :SA: and 2008 in :VIC: being around 140 to 150 saw very little conjestion at either event because of the well spreadout sections. Large rider numbers as above, without the addition of extra riders, particularly at more confined areas such as Pacific Park could see problems. This was the case in the narrower gullies of Canungra in 2005 and many riders did not finish because of the long delays.

If you look at the entrant numbers and classes provided for in trials in America the UK and some of the European countries , we are doing very well thanks to some recent initiatives put in place by our Trials Commissioners.


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Re: Aussie Titles / Women's Title feedback

Postby Axel » Sun Oct 26, 2008 1:19 am

Wow, not much need for discussion when things are perfect!

My point exactly with the juniors being the future. When they reach 21, if they aren't open solo standard, where do they go? Hibernate until they turn 35? Or sell their bike and buy a twinshock? :roll:

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Re: Aussie Titles / Women's Title feedback

Postby Trango » Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:25 am

Axel wrote: When they reach 21, if they aren't open solo standard, where do they go?
They go to the non championship trials throughout the year and work on improving their skills so they can compete at a championship level. The support classes are very well catered for at these events. In your first post you express concern that newcomers spectating at the titles would be told they had to ride twinshocks to compete but if they hung around long enough and talked to more people they could find out they could start at club level :? Why would the first person they asked not be able to give them the info for getting started in the sport :?:

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