Bluetooth intercoms

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Bluetooth intercoms

Postby Lloyd » Fri May 01, 2015 3:38 pm


Those of you with kids will know that yelling helpful advice (throttle! brake! don't aim for the tree!) or having a softly spoken kid trying to tell you something when there's bikes and helmets involved is less than ideal, so I'm considering getting a bluetooth headset/intercom to save sanity and voiceboxes of both myself and my daughter.
I couldn't care less about the features of it - transmit and receive voice hands free, a mute button for when Daddy is getting annoyed at an obstacle he's trying, probably something dust proof and waterproof would do the trick. I couldn't care less about pairing it with a mobile or gps.

Does anyone here use one? If so, what brand, rough price, ease of use, are you happy with it, etc etc.


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Gary B
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Re: Bluetooth intercoms

Postby Gary B » Sat May 02, 2015 5:02 pm

I've had an old Scala unit for a couple of years & only use it at State or Aussie C/ships but its a fantastic asset.
Also comes in handy if you want to point out something to your rider, like a rock has rolled into their line but you don't really want to advise all the following riders 8)

If you buy one make sure it comes with a Boom mike. (Arm to support mike) as many are now made for Full face helmets & the mike just velcro's into the front of the full face helmet. Not much use with an Open face Trials helmet.

Hope that helps ya a bit

Gary B. from Wollongong MCC.
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