Perth Expression of Interest

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Perth Expression of Interest

Postby Matt_hau » Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:24 am

Hi all, I went and had a look at the state championships yesterday in Jarrahdale and was very impressed. I have always been intrigued by trials and am now wanting to test the waters. I've been riding all my life mainly dirt bikes but also road, drags and a dabble in speedway. I am 46 years old.

My question is what is the realistic price it will cost me to get set up to ride trials. Obviously I want to do it as cheap as possible but also don't want to get the wrong kit. I can do all my own mechanical work without any problems. I weigh in at a healthy 125kg and 6'1" tall.

Any advice appreciated.

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Re: Perth Expression of Interest

Postby cota » Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:24 am

Hi, glad you enjoyed the event. A great day on a great property in great weather.

Your questions are very common ones and no standard answer. One answer would be to buy the newest bike you can within your budget (which might be a little more than what you would prefer to spend), but as you saw on Sunday, you can still ride challenging sections and terrain on 1970's bikes (and the earlIer Classics e.g the pre-65's) as they always did in their heyday. In WA we do not have many classic trials bikes being ridden.

In WA there are two clubs - AJS MotoTrials Club of WA and Pathfinders Trials Motorcycle Club with each having their own websites with information and contacts as well as active facebook pages. MotoDynamics and SJSMoto are the two trials dealers/agents in WA and offer great support. They would be the contacts also for consideration of any changes in springs for front and rear suspensions. The most common capacity in bikes is the 250 which is usually quite adequate to get you into "trouble".

Happy to make direct contact and have a chat. PM through here or

Cheers, Peter H.
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