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Dave (me)

Postby restoremaz » Tue Jan 09, 2007 12:59 am

About me,
Dave, 32, sydney

work; Vintage mazda rotary restoration and spare parts shop

First rode a trail bike in 97, a 79 yamaha dt 125,then bought a new xt 250 in 1998, rode for a few years, got sick of it, and went back to building/restoreing and drag/street racing mazda rotaries

2006 ,had a ride on a bike after years without rideing.then bought an old ty 250b, loved trials, now have a 04 scorpa 250.

Ty and scorpa have been since sold.........


I now have an XR 250 Honda, for road and trail use, and am curently looking for another vinagte trials bike to restore.

TY80 a model side cover and air box tube wanted.

My videos www.youtube.com/restoremaz

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