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Me Too - Richard R

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 9:57 pm
by richardr
Started riding trials in 1972 on a second-hand Yamaha TY 250. Rode that for a year or so then bought a brand new Ossa Mick Andrews replica 250cc and my skill level suddenly improved dramatically.

My brother-in-law and my best mate and I would ride every weekend, pushing each others abilities more each time, until we all gave up about 1976 because of work, kids etc. At that stage we were all ranked in the top 10 in B Grade in Victoria.

Ever since then, I have LONGED to get back into trials and I have never been able to drive or walk around a rough patch of country or rocks without thinking "That would be a good section"

Finally, after a 30 year wait, circumstances finally came together so that I could get back into trials riding again and late last year ('06) I bought an '04 Beta Rev3 270cc and joined the ranks in Clubman Class.

The skills are coming back quickly and I am looking forward to the coming years and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN.

I have joined 3 SE Qld clubs to maximise the number of events I can choose to ride in and would love to hear from anyone in the Toowoomba area that has a patch of land that I could practice on (I live in Millmerran and its dead flat around here)