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Aus titles 2007

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:12 pm
by mmjs
Would like to know how's going to the Australian Titles this year and if any body knows what line the Women ride, ?clubman or c'grade lines.

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 8:05 pm
by outfit65
Hi mmjs,

For all the info on what and where the girls are riding at the Nationals contact Ben Zander, his details are on the supp regs

cya in October


Australian titles

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 7:12 pm
by kristie
So, who is going to the aussie titles??? Do we have enough for a class??? :mrgreen:

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 7:24 pm
by Ben Z

Only 2 entries in the Women's Class as off tonight.

Sue F (NSW)
Ina H (Vic)

I am aware of at least three other riders that plan on entering... Lets hope they do and a few others as well! Would be great to get a field ten or more!!

With regards to the earlier question regarding lines, leave that one with me until entries close.... more info on that topic coming soon.

PS Dont forget entries close THIS FRIDAY.... if you havent sent them yet... get them in the mail immediately

Regards Ben

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 8:05 pm
by mmjs
Yes Emma from NSW is going to the Aust Titles, a late decision but thanks to Mal & Jill Loone i have arranged a bike to ride over there. Looking forward to it. Cheers Emma

Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 7:48 pm
by kristie
Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Ben Zander and all those involved in the 2007 Australian Mototrials Championships. It was an excellent event. Especially good to have enough girls there to have a class for us, it would be good to see the same if not more entries in 2008. For those girls who were unable to make it and are interested here is a quick account of my experience at the 2007 Australian Mototrials Championships (or at least what i can remember :wink: )
FRIDAY; We went to the practice area for a warm up, it was great, nothing there intimidating just nice rocks and green grass, perfect for a pre event warm up. After 2 minutes in the new boots i quickly decided to wear the old ones and wait til i got home to break the new boots in. Was feeling a bit sluggish so didn't do too much riding anyway, spent more time watching then actually riding :roll: However did manage to crash and do damage to the bike :oops: so a big thanks to Peacey n marty for fixing my bike at the practice site. Back at the caravan park Paul Arnott did some major repairs, styling and maintenance and my bike was looking hot and ready to ride with my new pink sticker kit (Thank you paul)
SATURDAY; I really don't think i have ever been so nervous the morning of a trial, mostly because i just didn't want to crash and damage my new stickers :lol: It didn't help that the first three people i seen ride section 1 all got 5's! I struggled through for a clumbsy 2 and was given some valuable advice at the end of the section 'keep it moving' so i did and didn't have anymore trouble with that section... Section 2 was a straight forward down and up. Section three had a tricky turn at the bottom followed by a couple of steps that took a few points over the day, Section 4 was a straight down hill, section five across the hill and down. Six was a nice climb then back down, but the expert line in this section was one to watch! Section 7 was up a rock slab across the top and down, eight had a couple of rocks and corners in it, nine was straight through. Section 10 was the trickiest section for us, it had a few steps and a tight corner followed by a climb, i couldn't even look like cleaning it.. Section 11 was a tricky section down through the rocks and back out again this was probably my favourite section because of the drop at the end. 12 and 13 were pretty straight forward. Section 14 had a car in the section, we didn't have to ride over it but the experts did, it looked slippery!! I hadn't checked the scores all day so was dumbfounded to see i was actually leading :shock:
SUNDAY; Another glorious day slightly warmer then saturday thankfully! Section 1 had the car in it again for the experts, it was almost the reverse of 14 from the previous day, section two had a nice turn in some rolly rocks and out, three was a straight downhill, four had a nice climb and down, five had a tricky turn around one of those rocks that reach out and grab your footpeg as you go past. six was a log section which was great to see after so many rocks, section seven was a nice flowing section with a tricky turn at the end. Sections 8 and 9 were pretty straight forward although nine caught me on the last lap when a rock had rolled into the line, i probably should have walked the section!! Section 10 again was our toughest section with a couple of ledges and a tight turn catching people out, I was happy to clean it, section 11 was another fun section with some really nice turns in it. Twelve was an easy run around the edge of the tape. Section 13 only had one rock in, but that is all it takes, i stalled the bike in this section on the second lap so it felt really good to clean it on the last lap and last but not least 14 had a bit of every thing, a down an up a turn and a step it was a great section. The presentation was a fantastic evening made even better by brookes speech (thanks brooke)
Overall a great weekend, i finished eight points behind Michelle Owen and am really proud of that. Even better that put me in second place for the event! I would like to thank and congratulate Michelle for all her help and inspiration, Toby for his advice and encouragement, Paul Arnott for being the best pit crew/accomodation/encouragement/lift home and for his continued support throughout the year, getting me on a sweet Scorpa and my new Hell Team pink sticker kit. Also thanks to Kieth and Sue for all their help this year and Jamie for giving me and my bike a lift to SA and bringing my bike and gear home. And a huge thanks to Dave and Brad at Pacific Park for all that they have taught me over the last couple of years.
It is a great experience to ride the Australian Titles and you don't have to be a great rider to compete, in 2007 there was a great variety of difficulty in the sections and enough easier ones that newer riders could take fives on the hard sections and still attempt a fair majority of the trial and get their moneys worth

Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 5:44 pm
by Stu
Well done Kristy! Sounds like a good result. I wish I could have been riding there to experience the Nationals myself. :D