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Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:37 pm
by lewry family
Well said Toby!!

What message are we sending young females these days????

I am just about to email Ross Martin and express my dissatisfaction. Having watched Brooke at Glenmaggie and Kristie at local Wollongong trials, and hearing of their results, I imagine they would be very disappointed. Their success is due to a heck of a lot of dedication, hardwork and travelling. etc etc. I think their results over the weekend speak for themselves! :D

Riders like Bev and Michelle have, and are still doing, incredible things for the sport. Surely. it is a huge 'kick in the teeth' for them, too.

I was amazed at the number of 'young' female riders at Glenmaggie. Surely, these girls are also part of the future of the sport. It certainly is a case of double-standards if they may be denied the same chance of representing their country in the future as the male riders have.If they choose to put in the hard work they deserve the opportunities, too. =D>

Try telling the female swimmers at Homebush at the moment that they can't go to Beijing but the males can!!!!! :!: :!: :!:



Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:07 pm
by Steve Holzhauser

Your raise some interesting points to get support for a womans TDN team,

I can feel the frustration in your letter and encourage all to support your cause.

I am not familiar with Brookes abilitys as I have not have had the opportunity to see her ride.

Michelle and Kristie are a different matter, as I have seen both of these girls progress over many years to now possess the great skills they show.

It has been with the help of many, their parents and grandparents as well as the clubs they have been associated with. The AIS in Canberra, and the enthuisiasum of their trainers, especially Bev Anderson-Tranter as well as the tremendous support from sponsors that have allow them to be such capable riders.

It is now time for the relevant guide lines be put in place to recognise these ladies and give them the opportunities they have work so hard for.

They certainly have a place at international level competition.



Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 7:23 pm
by Stu
It's time for the girls to get out there and show the world we have just as good riders in OZ as anywhere. I've seen Kristie, Bev and others in action over the years and still they have to beg and grovel to be given the nod to go overseas and compete. These girls can put alot of blokes, in their silk and satin 1 piece suits, to shame! They have the guts to ride obstacles and on most occassions have exceeded their grade.
Go for it girls! Good Luck! =D>


Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 1:48 pm
by outfit65
Well said Toby,

We in the Keyneton Club have a young girl who was going to ride the Aussie Titles last year, but couldn't because of that other MA stuff up with age limits - she was only 12 on January 1 2007. I am sure Brooke and Chloe would have appreciated the extra competition.

Lara is our current Junior Club Champion due to her success on an enduro bike, but she also jumps on a trials bike for extra training. On only her third ride on a trials bike, at a recent demo we did, she went over our club car! Yes, the car that was at the Aussie Titles last year, although she had the assistance of a pallet to get up the back.

We are trying to persuade her to ride some trials this year as she shows real talent, and I am sure that the chance to represent her country down the track would help her decide which facet to concentrate on.

The amount of girls/women that rode Glenmaggie and the Oceana trials should be an eye opener to the powers that be, making them realise that the talent pool for women in moto trials is possibly as large, if not larger than any other facet of motorcycle sport.

Toby, I put together last years Aussie Titles programme, if this, or I can help in any way please let me know. I would be only to happy to help.

Keep hopping girls, your time will come!



Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:38 am
by BAT Woman
Toby, Michelle, Kristie, Brooke, Trevor, Maree, Stu, Andrew, Steve, everyone who has promoted, supported, ridden, enjoyed Women in Mototrials, that's everyone really! (I have not heard one negative comment). A huge thank you & well done. MA have now called for nominations for the Women's Trials des Nations Team, for riders (3) & a Manager. However, the nominations close this Friday, not much time. May I encourage everyone to put in their nominations, a show of strength, depth & interest is really important not only for this year but to have the team as a permanent fixture for our future generation of female riders. Potential reps like Nikki, Sammy, Lara & Brookie.
Good luck to all who apply.
Now, I would also like to plug the Australian Sherco Women's Cup which is on this month on 27th April at Nimmitabel. It is on the Anzac long weekend, so perfect for interstate riders to come. It is always a good trial but this year it is going to be bigger & better. The Trials Club of Canberra is running the Howard Wallace Masters Shield & the NSW Sidecar Champs in conjunction with the Women's Cup. Something for everyone, & the club's major fundraiser for dear friend Howard Wallace.
See you all there!