Baptism of fire

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Re: Baptism of fire

Postby kristie » Mon Jul 27, 2009 8:30 pm

Moto Central wrote:Most girls wear thongs these days....from what i've been told.

Maybe I should leave that one alone since this story is PG :wink: But yes I did ride the parade in my pink "flip flops", I am not the most organised person...
Appologies to anyone who has been reading this thread for taking so long to finish, the truth is I think I stopped at Thursday because that is when i stopped having fun...

Friday Day 5
I was in really bad condition Friday morning, luckily I had gotten in early on Thursday afternoon and done all my bike work so all I had to do was get to Parc Ferme and on the bike by 9:30. Easier said then done! The majority of the loop on Friday was on the road with short off road trails to get to and from the groups of sections. Since I wasn't physically able to carry my backpack, mum and dad took it and followed me on the road incase I had any issues.
The first group of sections at Doire Dhamh were scrubbed due to the water, instead the first group was held in a rocky quarry - these sections were more my style, as you could actually see what you were riding over! It was at this group of sections that we saw our first glimpse of blue sky for the event, there was even a moment silence as we all stared appreciatively... Then on the next road section it hailed...
On the track into Pipers Burn I fell apart, found myself paddling up a track that wouldn't take points if it was set in a C grade trial... I took my time at Pipers and tried to recover, I managed to push my way through the first section then crashed off a 1ft step in the second section. A few helpful spectators dragged my bike out of the section and I sat on the bank for a while trying to muster the strength to get to the next section. Finally I rolled the bike back out to the road, I couldn't even start it on my own. That was the end of my week at the SSDT. I was extremely disappointed to work so hard and get so close to the finish yet so far away, but I know I made the right choice. Mum and dad took me back to the cabin and I was bed ridden for the remaining two days. I didn't even get to spectate at any of the sections!!
Thankyou to all those that have taken the time to read my story, I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did and I hope the end hasn't disappointed you as much as it disappointed me... Although it is not totally over, I am not sure if it was because I was sick or because I have the memory of a goldfish but before I left Parc Ferme for the final time I found myself booking a bike for next year :roll:
SSDT Day 5, Lochailort, Pipers Burn, sections 1-6 (14).jpg

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Re: Baptism of fire

Postby gasgasman » Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:03 pm

Nothing like the ultimate in foot protection!!!
Thanks for sharing your exploits with us Kristie....awesome story

Good luck for next year.

Just my 2 cents worth.....or was that 1 cent???!!!

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Re: Baptism of fire

Postby Duncan » Sun Aug 16, 2009 10:59 am

Hi Kristie,
Well done and good work :D .

I think most people will make time to read the long detailed version it is all so good, so no need to skip to the highlights.

GREAT Work travelling and having a go,
GREAT writing I love reading it. I reckoned you earned a medal every day.

Hi all, ride safe & have fun

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