Kristie McKinnon's Eurpoean Trip.

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Kristie McKinnon's Eurpoean Trip.

Postby The Hell Team » Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:37 am

Thought I should post updates of Kristie McKinnon's European trip up here on the forum page as well, as the news article is being pushed down the page and some might miss it.

Australian Women's Champion, Kristie McKinnon and minder Nathan Simms have started their European trip with a quick trip to Spain to collect two new Gas Gas 280 Adam Raga replica models, a stop at S3 Permormance, then a long haul to Germany for Round One of the FIM Women's World Trials Championship. Here's how things are going!

FRIDAY AUG 19TH. (scroll down for updates)

We've had sign in and section inspection today, and some practise... The area here in Germany is very nice, although the rocks are quiet slippery and it rained a lot over night, as well as a few times today.

The sections look to be challenging, - there are alot of steps, and I think they will suit the more aggressive riders.

They seem a little harder then previous years, though maybe that is just cause I don't wanna scratch my new bike with all its trick S3 parts :-) I am looking forward to riding them tomorrow.

There are alot of girls here this weekend and because it is in conjunction with the european youth round there are alot of young kids. It's a little off putting when your trying to make practise sections and some little ten year old freak goes past back wheeling everything. Its no wonder their top guys are so good when you see what the tiny tots are doing!!!

Did just hear that there are only ten european riders at the world round in Japan this weekend, Afredo Gomez is here minding for his sister, and Cabastany is resting his sore ankle, the rest are scared of the nuclear threat...

I don't imagine I will get time to email tomorrow as I have the European round followed by another section inspection for the world round and my start time is late 11.12am, but I will do my best, and for sure I will email you on Sunday evening with a section by section report :-)


I started with a section by section detailed description, but my computer decided to have a hissy fit mid email, so since I am running out of time here are the facts:
Section 1 = 2 cleans, yay!

Section 2 = 2 threes,

Section 3 = 2 fives,

section 4 = 2 threes, but not 33 just three,

Section 5 = 2 cleans,

Section 6 = three then five, the three was a fluke mostly everyone was fiving.

Section 7 = three then two,

Section 8 = 2 fives,

Section 9 = two then one,

Section 10 = five then one,

Section 11 = five then three,

Section 12 = five then three.
I lost my card on the long transport section between five and six on the first lap and had alot of time watching riders at section 6 while Nathan went to find my card, then realised that somewhere on that transport I had also aquired a flat rear tyre, though since we had wasted so much time looking for my card the juniors had caught up and the lines were getting long, so we pumped the tyre up in each line up and kept pushing through the first lap...

In hind sight probably not the best approach when you look at my scores but we didn't want to lose anymore time... We swapped the wheel after the first lap from Nathans bike and I left him to fix it while I started the second lap.

I really enjoyed the sections however I didn't ride them well and am glad I get a second chance tomorrow. Finished 20th overall today and will be looking to improve on that for sure tomorrow. They have added some more sections for tomorrow and have made a couple harder. I think Nathan will have to earn his keep tomorrow as there are some big steps with less then a bike run up!
Both Raga replicas are fantastic, and look so trick :-)


Results from Germany - Kristie's report to come. (Paul Arnott)

1. Laia Sanz - 5
2. Emma Bristow - 26
3. Becky Cook - 30
4. Sandra Gomez - 36
5. Donna Fox - 37
6. Rosita Leotta - 38
7. Sandrine Juffet - 39
8. Ina Wilde - 43
9. Alba Villegas - 47
10. Mireia Conde - 57
11. Maryline Journet - 69
12. Jessica Wulf - 70
13. Kathrin Dohla - 72 (9 cleans)
14. Pauline Schmitt - 72 (7 cleans)
15. Kristie McKinnon - 72 (4 cleans)


I did much better in the world round yesterday, 15th... but I can ride better! I made alot of silly mistakes.


We are still in Germany, and I have been training with the british girls 2 today. I'll probably stay here until wednesday then we will move on.

It is steaming hot at the moment, so we can only really ride early morning and late arvo! I was thankful for a day of not doing much though, since we hav been nonstop since i landed in Spain...


Spent yesterday practising in Tanvald with Katy, Ina, Donna, Becky and Paulina. It was alot of fun, the rock here are uber slippery, especially after a few bikes have been over them. Me and Katy found a mad 3rd gear hill climb and must have had 20 goes each at it, was so much fun :-) Its still really hot here but they are predicting rain for Saturday and Sunday.
Today we had sign on in the morning and because they are doin the european round as well we were lined up for two hours!!! Crazy!!! Then we went for section inspection for the sections for the European Round tomorrow, they look awesome, from 12 sections there are three really tough ones and the rest are cleanable... I hope :-) Havn't done much riding today tho its been 36 degrees so the rest of the afternoon I gave my bike a wash and service ready for the weekend. I don't seem to be able to go anywhere in the paddock without getting in a water fight :-) Its so nice here, officially living the dream...

Had the European round at Tanvald Czech Republic yesterday. It was a lot of fun, the sections were awesome. Laia won, Emma Bristow 2nd and Becky Cook 3rd.

I finish 18th, which I was not overly happy with, because I rode really well on the first lap only losing 19 points and a couple of them were not needed so I was looking to improve on the second lap, then I copped a few 5's on really easy sections for touching the marker, they were being really hard on touching markers and it seemed if you got within an inch of one they would 5 you for it... I got a bit flustered after that and didn't ride as well as I could have for the rest of the lap, but the clouds were rolling in and we wanted to finish before the storm hit.

So the second lap I dropped 29.

After the presentations we had to go and inspect the sections for the world round today. They are all totally new sections in a new area. I don't think they will be as much fun as the sections from the European round, they are all on the side of a steep hill and there are alot of slippery tree roots. It rained all afternoon and all night, so we got drenched walking the sections and pretty much stayed that way... It has stopped now tho so hopefully it will hold out for today...

How's everything over there?
All good here, am staying with Ina Wilde, training and checking out Germany, has been wicked so far :-) We are starting our road trip to Tolmezzo on Friday, going via the German Youth championships where I am minding for a German boy who speaks very little english :-) Should be meeting the Australian team on Tuesday...
Christian got a 2012 Gasser , it's nice.
Its very similar colours to the 2011, but more white, with new rear suspension and linkages, the white Mazzochi forks and a trick new sticker kit... Looks sweet :-). They come with Progrip grips again as well...
looking forward to a change in scenery again......

Cheers Kristie

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