Gas Gas TXT Rookie 80 light fitment

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Gas Gas TXT Rookie 80 light fitment

Postby bikerpete » Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:57 pm

I have a GG Rookie that I'm (hopefully) fitting lights to for Vic Rec. Reg.
I'm after advice how best to supply 12v DC (I've probably complicated life by choosing LED's for the lights rather than incandescent) to the lighting and horn circuit I'm building.

I've located the wiring diagram that matches with what I can see

It appears to me that the output of the alternator is unrectified & unregulated until the thermostat closes to start the fan, at which time the reg comes into the circuit. Makes sense to leave the windings totally unloaded until needed I guess.

I was wondering if moving the reg in front of the thermostat might be an option, or if this would cause problems for the alternator or something?
It also looks like the regulator only gives 12V AC, so I'd still need to rectify that, not sure if using the fan rectifier is a good idea (ie also move the fan rectifier before the thermo swtich) or if I should install a second rectifier just for the lighting. I'm guessing the original is more expensive than some generic 12v rectifer.

This appears to be how the 250/280 Kokusan systems work

Or other suggestions for how to do this.

I'm running LED lights (rated 8 - 70V) so pretty low current draw (headlight looks to be maybe a 3W led, tail/brake is just a few basic LEDs)


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Re: Gas Gas TXT Rookie 80 light fitment

Postby AndrewT » Sat Jul 22, 2017 10:25 pm

Quite a few Japanese trail/enduro bikes run a 12V AC headlight eg XR Honda, WR Yamahas and also some KTMs and people using LEDs after some fiddling - LED will only run on DC - you may be able to use a bridge rectifier like one from jaycar using power from AC and then a capacitor to filter the power so a nice stable LED light. ... r/p/ZR1324

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