TY250 silly questions...

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David Lahey
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Re: TY250 silly questions...

Postby David Lahey » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:46 pm

All the twinshock TY175 and TY250 models use the same gearbox output spline. You should be able to get a JT brand 428 chain 12T sprocket for about $15
Lengthening the arm at the engine is problematic unless you also change the location and angle of the socket that holds the cable outer.
Yes you can get away with increased leverage with a TY250 twinshock clutch and still use a standard lever at the bars, but 25mm extra there is a hell of a lot and may cause problems.
I reckon it is much easier to leave the cable and levers standard and take out two or three clutch springs. I've done this with two of my TY250s now and it works a treat. I also did something similar with my KT250 recently and it also is great.

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Re: TY250 silly questions...

Postby Jools » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:04 pm

Thanks David. I'll order the sprocket.
Good tip re: the clutch... Remove springs. - I did similar on my RZ which had heavy duty springs fitted, I fitted a combo of the heavy and light clutch springs and it worked well too, lighter but no slippage.

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