Beta 80 bogging down

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Beta 80 bogging down

Postby Backintoit » Tue May 15, 2018 10:20 pm

I purchased a new beta 80 for my son to learn how to ride trials in May 2015 . He has ridden it 8-10 times without any troubles & a few weeks ago he went to ride in his first trial for the year & in the first section went around a tree & went to accelerate & the power was bogging down & konked out.For the next hour it would start, work normally for a while & once in 3rd or 4th gear reving it out it would bog down like it was starving for fuel.It had plenty of fuel & the fuel was on properly. I changed the spark plug & the same thing happened. I have since taken the Carby off washed it out & blew out all the jets, cleaned the air cleaner & still bogging down. I took the silencer off the exhaust pipe because I thought it might be clogged up with oil , still bogging down.I use125ml of synthetics 2 stroke oil to 10 liters of 95 octane unleaded .
What I can’t understand is why all of a sudden it starts bogging down . I haven’t changed any carby settings from new. Has any one else had the same problem or know how to fix it ?

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Re: Beta 80 bogging down

Postby motocentral » Wed May 16, 2018 8:19 am

I had a similar problem with a Sherco 50 & it ended up being too lean a fuel mixture. the engine was getting too hot & the bike just stopping until it cooled down. The Beta 80 specs recommend 1.5% oil/fuel mix which is 150ml oil to 10 litres. maybe try mixing up a tank of fuel at that mix which is more oil than you are currently running & see if it still does it?

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