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Gas gas 2010 300 screamed it's head off

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:12 pm
by Classicrider
I brought a gas gas 2010 300 raga a couple of months a go and had been riding it around the yard it had been starting and running fine
I put a magnetic kill switch lanyard on it so my son could ride it and he had been riding it fine
Then a few days later it would not go
I put a new plug in it it still wouldn't go
So I put the old kill switch back on and it started but screened it's head off the throttle seems to all move OK
I adjusted the idel screws to no avail and couldn't turn it off now it's seized. Well the kick started won't turn it over
It wouldn't turn off and couldn't get the plug lead off fast enough with the screw driver
When it cools down it might help
What would have made it rev so fast

Re: Gas gas 2010 300 screamed it's head off

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 6:24 pm
by The Hell Team
More than likely you have pulled the throttle cable outer sheath out of the cable guide in the top of the carby when fitting the kill switch. It doesn't take much to lift it out so the cable outer gets hooked up on the brass outer, then 0% throttle suddenly becomes 20% throttle. Makes it hard to start, but when it goes, it goes hard!
I know you have seized it now, but for future reference, and this works on any trials bike with a domino throttle fitted, just grab the throttle cable up near the throttle housing and reef it skywards! It will just pull the cap off the Domino housing and release the cap, cable and throttle wheel automatically taking any tension off the throttle cable.
If it has been "chain sawing" and you can't get to the throttle cable also just jamming the butt of your palm over the end of the exhaust pipe chokes the motor in a few seconds and stops the motor. May need a glove on if the bike had been running for a long time before the "chain saw" happened, but most of the time this situation happens on cold bikes because the throttle cable was screwed with when the bike was worked on.
Either way they are the two things to do first.
Before you pull anything apart, just give the throttle a quick turn and see if there is any free play at the beginning of the movement. It may have vibrated back into the guide, but it is worth checking.