2T oil ratio RL Suzuki ....sorry.

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2T oil ratio RL Suzuki ....sorry.

Postby Finally1 » Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:57 am

Hate to dig this old chestnut up, but after reading what I can find about it I am probably more confused. I use Motorex fully synthetic in my modern enduro bike at 55:1. But that's a water cooled engine using todays metals and designed for unleaded fuel. The RL of course is air cooled, maybe inferior metallurgy, and used leaded fuels and asked for 20:1 mineral oil. They also have that oil spinner thing on the crank to oil one of the main bearings, but that probably isn't any issue. So without any science to confirm what should be used and at what ratio, I guess the easiest thing is to ask long term RL 250 owners that still use them frequently what they use successfully and what they know that doesn't work. Thanks.

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