TY250 won't start after a wash

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TY250 won't start after a wash

Postby jam80 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:03 pm

Help! My 1984 TY250 won't start after i gave it a good wash (maybe too good). I had recently purchased it to try and do it up, had it running nicely with new fuel, oil and spark plug, then i decided to give it a wash and now i can't start it. Obviously water is in there somewhere.
i cleaned the carb, and it is still giving a good spark but that's as far as my mechanical knowledge goes. Any ideas?
i am out of money and i need to sell but i want to at least have it running. Help

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Re: TY250 won't start after a wash

Postby bogdit » Thu Apr 08, 2010 7:44 pm

I believe you are the owner of a Monoshock Yam 250. These bikes have a very poor quality seal around the wiring (from the top of the side case) into the flywheel side of the engine. They deteriorate in time due to the action of clumsy feet around that side as well as they are usually rubbing and torn by the clutch actuation arm.
Mine leaked badly in same spot and I had to be very studious with a good quality silastic to reseal it. The wiring goes really stiff with age and it can sometimes be difficult to pull the wires to one side out of harms way and have them remain there.

Good chance the innards of your flywheel casing side are all wet, moist or wose still full up with water. Time to pull off the side case and see if you can dry it out carefully, possibly use a heatgun or hairdryer on very low in sweeping passes to drive out any moisture (again be very cautious with this and don't heat it up too much). Possibly use a good quality dispersant (WD40) after you dry that side out and see how it goes. David L will probably have some more info if this isn't the source of the problem. Make sure the coil wiring and terminations are all nice and dry too and hit them with a little WD40 as well.

Hope it works out for you.

Regards Bogdit

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