2017 GG Contact - 1 week old - $6900

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2017 GG Contact - 1 week old - $6900

Postby Studido208 » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:22 am

2017 Gas Gas Contact 250. 1 week old $6900. Absolutely as new. Purchased from The Hell Team but I've changed my mind and going for the Jotagas which is what I really wanted in the first place. The bike will only be available until the Jotagas arrives next week then I'll be sending it back to Paul if it's not snapped up. I'm located at Manly West Brisbane.
Happy trails all!

For entertainment, here's a few of the questions I've been asked from the Gumtree add.
Is it stolen... Yes, that's why I'm selling it
Do I have receipts.. I'll write one if you buy it.
Can I offer you $3k... Oh please do.
Have I crashed it.... Noooooo
Why are you selling it... Already answered in the add.
Whats wrong with it.... The seats to high & I don't like red.
Would you swap it for my kids MX bike, we rebuilt it a few years ago and it looks ok... Sigh

I might delete the Gumtree add.
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Re: 2017 GG Contact - 1 week old - $6900

Postby SluggerDave1 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:35 pm

Can you email me please. I’m interested in the GasGas, braddersemail@yahoo.co.uk

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