Ossa Mick Andrews Replica MAR250 1972 - restored

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Ossa Mick Andrews Replica MAR250 1972 - restored

Postby RodSt » Mon Oct 01, 2018 4:49 pm

For the vintage enthusiasts, this is a "not-to-be-missed" opportunity.

This 1972 Mick Andrews Replica (250) has been fully and lovingly restored. If you are like me, it will make a wonderful display machine but of course, it can also be used and road-registered (comes equipped with headlight, speedo etc etc)

As a youngster, I used to compete on a MAR 250 and lots of other machines. I fell in love with the Ossa.

Many years ago, I wanted to again own an Ossa so purchased this one from the US. It was shipped to Australia and I have restored it to pristine condition. I have all receipts, the factory manual and importation documents.

Since restoration, it has not even been kick started. It deserves an enthusiast to throw the leg over!

This is a truly lovely bike. It is being sold in the hope that someone will love it as much as I have done. It is time for it to have a new home.

No expense has been spared and all parts are genuine. It has cost an arm and a leg and I would like to realise $12,000. I am though open to offers if you are willing to give it a good home.

The machine is located in North Brisbane and your are welcome to inspect. If you have any question or would like further photographs, please let me know.
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Re: Ossa Mick Andrews Replica MAR250 1972 - restored

Postby Rod » Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:04 pm

Rod, I don't want to sound rude but you leave me no choice with that product description.
Nobody is going to pay that sort of money for a bike that has never been started or ridden after a re-build, are you serious?

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Re: Ossa Mick Andrews Replica MAR250 1972 - restored

Postby PinkyTY » Wed Oct 03, 2018 10:01 pm

Hi Rod,
I had a 72 MAR back in 77. Yours looks very nice although I never saw one with a half chromed tailpipe or such an over inflated seat!
I am fully aware of the costs involved as I have restored 3 Yams over the past few years, I guess it depends how far the obsession to be original stretches!
In hindsight, it pays to buy sensibly and not with the heart as I have done! My current Pinky is stretching the limits but is only half way to your selling figure.... I sold my first Yam at around half what it cost me to complete but in my eyes it was the build that gave the greatest pleasure and was worth every cent over the years it took.

Good luck!!!

Regards - Mark WA

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