2006 Sherco 2.9i (Brisbane) [$2,800]

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2006 Sherco 2.9i (Brisbane) [$2,800]

Postby stripedtomato » Wed Apr 10, 2019 9:11 pm

2006 Sherco 2.9i Trials Bike (300cc 2 stroke)
Location: East Brisbane

I've had this bike for the past 3-4 years. Have used it sparingly for a bit of cross training and whilst riding with my now 10 year old son as he was learning on PeeWee's etc. Now that he's on a mid wheel clutch bike I think I can ride the KTM dirtbike alongside him now. It has never missed a beat.

Bike is in good working condition, engine is strong with good compression. It can be a bit of an effort to kick over and start if you leave it sitting for a long period. Can kick back a bit too so a good idea to wear boots when kicking it! It shows wear and tear appropriate to age of bike. Plastics are in fair condition, tail piece is cracked and I use zip ties to secure it, front mud guard folded back one time and ultimately snapped off when blowing/vibrating in the wind on the trailer.

I broke the kickstart lever when I first bought it and have replaced that, have serviced it appropriately based on use and recently replaced the brake fluid and front brake pads. Tyres have heaps of tread but are getting old now.

Good cheap bike if you're thinking of giving trials a go but don't want to drop too much coin on a newer model.

Asking Price: $2,800 ono
Contact via PM on here or Steve on 0413534732
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