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"Near new" TY 175 for sale. **SOLD SOLD SOLD **

Posted: Fri May 10, 2019 7:45 am
by Twinshock200
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Unique opportunity to grab a near brand new 43 year old Yamaha TY175.
I have been restoring this bike for several months with the aim of it becoming my own final trials bike but due to age and a few niggling injuries have decided its got to go.
I have fitted just about every conceivable extra to this bike but the thought of scratching or denting it gives me sleepless nights so I am offering it for sale.
Take the time to read the comments below to understand the cost of this restoration and the work that has gone into it.
Many items are either brand new old stock or the best aftermarket items available ex UK.

Starting from the front;

New front rim
Stainless spokes
New front tyre & tube
Restored front hub
New brake shoes
New front mudguard.
New fork stanchions complete with new bushes, seals and springs.
New head bearings
Renthal bars
New cables
New chrome levers (they don't break)
2Pac frame paintwork
Tank, and side panels professionally 2Pac paint.
Stainless header pipe
Alloy one piece silencer
New clip on seat
New rear guard assembly
New swinging arm spindle and bushes
New front & rear sprockets and chain
New alloy chain guard
New rear rim
Stainless spokes
New rear tyre
Restored rear hub
New brake shoes
Footrests lowered and moved back.


New conrod, big end assembly
Professionally balanced
1st oversize rebore
Wossner ceramic coated piston
New rings.
Brand new cylinder head.
Brand new flywheel cover
Autolube pump removed
Gearbox fully refurbished with new bushes and seals.
Rex electronic ignition system fitted “Pro version” with two stage boost.
Restored Mikuni carby
New genuine air filter element
Fully restored air cleaner box.

All fittings, nuts and bolts are replaced with stainless steel fittings where possible.
This is a bike with matching engine and frame numbers seriously restored as a very competitive Twinshock trials bike and will give a new owner years of fun riding.
I can be contacted on 0402 736045

Roger Galpin

Re: "Near new" TY 175 for sale. **SOLD SOLD SOLD **

Posted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 10:59 am
by Twinshock200
Sorry to see this little beauty go, but its going to a good home in NSW.