*SOLD* OSET 16 Racing, With LiPo

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*SOLD* OSET 16 Racing, With LiPo

Postby 50litres » Wed May 01, 2019 8:42 pm

Extras Fitted:
1. Boost Bikes LiPo Battery pack. Save about 6 kilos and increases ride time. In open paddock we are getting around 1.5 hours and a lot longer in the slower trails
2. Seat that is easy to remove
3. Bar Ends
4. Lanyard

The 16.0 Racing features a powerful 800w OSET motor, air/spring forks, compression and rebound adjustable shock, powerful and reach adjustable hydraulic disc brakes and custom OSET designed Kenda tyres. Alloy hubs, handlebars, steering stem, foot-pegs and more ensure that weight is kept to a minimum. High quality bearings are used in the headset, swingarm and wheels. A sturdy steel frame combines with all other components to make a bike that will be good for years of use. It is no coincidence that used OSETs retain an exceptionally high resale value. These machines are built to last.

The OSET controller has been designed for our exclusive ‘3 dial’ system, which allows parents to easily adjust the characteristics of the bike. By simply removing the rubber bung in the ‘tank’ area, the responsible adult can adjust the speed, power and response of the bike. It can be set from a very mellow machine at walking pace and low power, all the way up to a competition level machine with maximum power. For those learning to ride, the throttle response can be set so the reaction of the bike to throttle openings is softened.

***** Honestly, best thing I could have done to get the kids started the right way on bikes. The low weight, easy adjustable power and the standing up position really accelerated there skills.

With the LiPo pack and other extras, over $800 in value and a big saving on new one, this is a great deal for someone.


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