Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

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Re: Assessment 1 Competency? HAHA!!!!

Postby Davedeece » Thu May 31, 2018 7:47 pm

Dont get me wrong money wasn't the issue but just couldn't get him endorsed. He got podiums in minikhana in state tiltles 3rd in A grafe on 50cc and 2nd in B grade on 65cc with at a guess 10 trophies from regionals. He can easily handle the bike and competed in a few club events but just couldnt get him endorsed . And to be honest its cheaper to race cars which he enjoys. I live on acreage so we ride at home. I was only involved in a few events but helped set up and packup at each and was suprised so many riders just left without helping out.
I think the sport lost a good ridrr in my son.

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