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Tom Wager (First Place Junior 7-12)

White Line Lower Grade Sections

I liked the sections on day one. I had to think about my lines and where I rode. There was nearly always more than one way to get through: a line that could be paddled for two or three points, or a risky line for maybe one or a clean. I felt that I could take a dab if I needed one (to stay safe and avoid a five), because I thought that my competitors would be taking them too. When I got a stupid five I knew I was still in with a chance because the sections were hard enough to take fives from the other guys.

I liked the sections on day two as well, but they were much easier than day one. And yes I know I should not have dropped any points on day two if they were too easy. I dropped five points so maybe they weren’t too easy. But I would have liked to have ridden at least one section on day two that really tested my skills, instead of just following the same line as everyone else, every time.

The scores of the other riders in Junior 7-12 are interesting. It looks like some kids had a bad time. But every kid finished both days and that was good. If you look at the day one scores most of the riders are well separated. On day two they are not separated as well. The order is different to day one as well. On day two a single five from lack of focus or just bad luck could have made the outcome very different.

Open class riders don’t have their class decided on just concentration. They have it decided on skill and fitness and endurance and toughness. Even the winner loses a heap of points. I like it when that is the same for every class.

I have been told that we must have sections to suit all the riders in our class. No problem. We always hear from organisers leading up to the nationals that some sections will be easy, some will be what we are used to, and some will be hard. I think we had this at the 2010 nationals. It is just unfortunate that we had the hard and tough sections all on day one and the easy ones all on day two!

I am able to ride Junior 7-12 again next year. I have another year to get better at riding. And so does everyone else. But I hope there are some new kids too.  I hope that we see some easy sections for the new kids, some hard sections for everyone, and one or two really tough ones for me and Brad and Connor in South Australia.

I was cranky that I did not get a chance to speak at the presentation. It is the one event of the year where it really matters. The organisers totally stuffed this up.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the trial but especially the section setters for making great sections. I think the observing was very good too. I want to thank all the 7-12 juniors for coming to Queensland and making this such a strong class. My sponsors are Mum and Dad (thank you) but I would also like to thank Paul Arnott and Gas Gas Motos Australia for helping with some new boots and spare parts for my bike.

Tom Wager

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