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2014 Queensland Trials Calendar.

28th Dec, 2013 | Graham Weiss
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Hi everybody. I am posting the 2014 QLD Trials calendar on behalf of the MQ Trials Subcommittee. The calendar will probably change as the year progresses so please be aware of that.

Click Read More to see calendar PDF for download.




Graham Weiss2013-12-28 11:44:08
Sorry everybody but because of the format of the calendar file it won`t let me upload it until I work out how to change the format of the file.
Matt Langtree2013-12-30 01:15:32
PDF now attached.
Graham Weiss2014-01-03 11:45:48
I would also like to say that for the Queensland Moto Trials Series the CQTC round which is round 5 is worth double points. This round will be on the 28th and 29th of June.

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