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Gas Gas rider Kyle Middleton (NSW) displayed terrific form to win the Open Solo title at the Australian Trial Championships at Pacific Park, New South Wales. Middleton dropped a couple of marks on Sunday and a five point penalty for hitting a marker but rode well both days for a 17 point weekend. Now on a three year run as the number one Australian Trials rider, Kyle will fly to Portugal and Spain for two rounds of the Trial World Championships next month. Tim Coleman (VIC) repeated his 2014 effort with a second place on 57 points and Kevin Zarczynski (NSW) rounded out the podium on 76 points.

Kristie McKinnon (NSW) dominated in the Women's class on 9 points edging out Stef Downes (New Zealand) and Brooke Lonie (VIC) who both shared 13 point score cards. Second place went to a ride off in the man-made obstacle section with 100+ spectators cheering on the determined women. Both completed 6 sections of the harder Masters line, not dropping a point but becoming visibly fatigued. Officials decided to not make the sections harder and risk potential injury and awarded both women second place.

The Youth class was a close race with the two Montesa riders Ruben Chadwick (QLD) and Bradley Bryant (NSW) dropping 12 points and 17 points respectively. Just 2 points behind, Beta rider Zachary Mularczyk (VIC) completed the weekend on 19 points.

In Open Junior, Dean Collins (NSW) had the lead on Saturday on 4 points and Connor Hogan on 6 points. But it was a determined Hogan who kept his feet up all Sunday to take the win from local boy Collins on 14 points and Ben Franco (NSW) 16 points.

The event organiser/event sponsor Paul Arnott from The Hell Team was very very happy with how the weekend ran. "I think everybody enjoyed themselves. Just really proud of all the young riders, it's really fantastic to see a lot of guys trying hard. It's good to see some tears sometimes too, because you know they're committed and really really want it and a couple of sections later they are smiling and back on top of it."

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Photos from both days are here: 2015 Australian Trial Championships

Day 1 Photos 
Day 2 Photos
Presentation Photos
Chloe Whittle Album 

Full Results are here: Download results for all classes

Open Solo
1: Kyle Middleton (Gas Gas - NSW) 17 points;
2: Tim Coleman (Beta - VIC) 57 points;
3: Kevin Zarczynski (Gas Gas - NSW) 76 points;

1: Ruben Chadwick (Montesa - QLD) 12 points;
2: Bradley Bryant (Montesa - NSW) 17 points;
3: Zachary Mularczyk (Beta - VIC) 19 points;

Open Junior
1: Connor Hogan (Gas Gas - SA) 6 points;
2: Dean Collins (Beta - NSW) 14 points;
3: Ben Franco (Beta - NSW) 16 points;

Junior 7 to U13
1: Dylan Ball (Beta - New Zealand) 0 points;
2: Maverick Ford (Gas Gas - NSW) 5 points;
3: Alex Cowan (Gas Gas - SA) 9 points;

Junior Women
1: Sarah Chivers (Jotagas - QLD) 4 points;
2: Aurora Hartshorn (Sherco - NSW) 6 points;
3: Jasmine Tarrant (Beta - SA) 53 points;

1: Kristie McKinnon (Gas Gas - NSW) 9 points;
2: Stef Downes (Sherco - New Zealand) 13 points; (ride off tie)
2: Brooke Lonie (Gas Gas - VIC) 13 points; (ride off tie)

1: Rob Jones (Beta - NSW) 13 points;
2: Toby Coleman (Sherco - NSW) 29 points;
3: Carl Robson (Beta - New Zealand) 29 points;

Veterans 40 - 49
1: Jamie Isherwood (Beta - VIC) 1 point;
2: Jarrod Barwick (Sherco - SA) 2 points; (ride off winner)
3: Kerrin Phillips (Sherco - ACT) 2 points;

Veterans 50 - 59
1: Tom Rafferty (Beta - QLD) 0 points;
2: Rowan Gibson (Gas Gas - QLD) 2 points;
3: Tony Bax (Honda Montesa - QLD) 3 points;

Veterans 60+
1: Steven Johnson (Gas Gas - VIC) 1 point;
2: Peter Curtis (Sherco - NSW) 8 points;
3: Greg Nordsvan (Gas Gas - NSW) 16 points;

1: Paul Sens (CZ - VIC) 3 points;
2: Harley Pickett (Triumph - NSW) 10 points;
3: Peter Sampson (BSA Bantam - QLD) 11 points;

Post Classic:
1: Greg Harding (Fantic - NSW) 6 points;
2: Kurt Pickering (Yamaha - TAS) 12 points;
3: Andrew Carpenter (Kawasaki - QLD) 17 points;

Air Cooled Mono Shock:
1: Jake Walker (Sherco XY - NSW) 0 points;
2: Andrew Tarrant (Yamaha TY - SA) 4 points;
3: Don Murray (Honda TLM - ACT) 6 points;

Sidecar Open:
1: Andrew Earl/Brayden Seidel (Sherco 290 - SA) 145 points;

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