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The Aussie Titles Day 1 opened up at Pacific Park, NSW for a spectacular day of riding.

Speaking to the Event Organiser and Major Event Sponsor, Paul Arnott of The Hell Team, "We couldn't ask for a better day. It's so stressful leading up to the event we had the weather and the flood warnings. Everything you put in place you're just worried about and keep thinking about those litle things that could go wrong. We kinda nicely slotted in today. All the riders seem pretty happy at the end of the day and the weather was perfect."

The 2014 Australian Trials Champion, Kyle Middleton (NSW) is leading in Open Solo and giving a solid lead in the FIM Oceania Trials Championships. We spoke to him about his day and having Pacific Park as a homeground advantage "I had a really good day, I didn't make any real big mistakes all day. I missed a split which was 5 of my 9 points. I had a really really good day, I rode well all day and kept my feet up. I get to ride here at least once a month, it's perfect for me this place."

The Women's class is a close race with Kristie McKinnon (NSW) leading the pack ahead of Trans-Tasman competitor Stef Downes from New Zealand. Also a Pacific Park Trials Club local, Kristie said "There's only 1 point in it, it's pretty close. I rode pretty good, had a couple of silly mistakes, but otherwise rode well. Ended up on 2 points for the day. This is my favourite place to come and practice. It's still the same sections for everybody and anything can happen especially when they're set so easy it only takes one silly mistake."

Trevor Bennet, Clerk of Course said that there were several issues to deal with but believes day 1 went off exceptionally well. With a couple of the lower grades tied up on zero points, Trevor mentioned "We are ammending a couple of the sections to increase the challenge for some of the lower lines, the blue and black, so the litle juniors just to make it a little more challenging than today may have been on the basis of the scores today, where we've got a number of zeros at the end of the day."

The Australian Trials Championship action Day 2 kicks off again at Pacific Park with Sections open to spectators at 9:15am today.

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