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2016 Trials des Nation Update

1st Aug, 2016 | Winesy

Just a Quick update of how our fundraising efforts are going.

We are a long way from our previous budgets but in saying that I’m very pleased with the support from the Australian Trials community. The team as received some major donations from several Trials clubs.

Trials Club of Victoria, Oakleigh Motorcycle Club and Denman Motorcycle club all donating $2000 each. We have had donations though our Go Fund Me page of $500 - $1000 with plenty of smaller donations, we have also received some donations from UK and Europe.

We have also a couple of sponsors for this year, Michel from S3 has offered the team a new set of Australian riding gear , for the sixth year Global Racing Oil will be supporting the team with their products. Jordi Pascuet from Pascuet Offroad centre and Mark Brown from Browns Grafix

A special mention must go to; Kyle Middleton who’s commitment to the TdN teams fundraising has been amazing travelling Australia to run training days. Chris Bayles from Tasmainia also has raised a considerable amount as well, and being from the smallest trials community in Australia. Victoria having no riders in this year’s team, their support has been fantastic with major donations coming from Victorian Trials clubs. The Australian Trials Academy has donated all profits from their training days to the team. Paul Arnott from the Hell team suppling bikes to the Trials Academy free of charge. Ashlee Silk for her photo sales and Justin Gough from Revolution Trials.


With only a few weeks to go before the team fly’s out for a warm up at the Italian World Round before the Trials des Nation. If you would like to help the team out please go to our Go Fund Me page or contact any of our team members.


Philip Whittle

2016 Australian TdN

Team Manager.

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