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2017 Aussie TdN need your support!

17th May, 2017 | Words by Trials des Nations Team Australia

2017 Aussie TdN need your support!

Since 2015, Motorcycling Australia has not been in a position to continue being the major funder of the Australian Trial des Nations team. The team costs about 50 thousand dollars with around a 3k contribution on top of that from each rider, minder and manager under normal funding conditions. So for Australia to send a full strength team of 9 as per usual we need 6 riders plus two minders and a manager to all front around 8 thousand dollars which, unfortunately, is unaffordable for the majority of the candidates.

We have built great success over the last decade with our team results and riders capabilities, really starting to take it to the Europeans with a men’s podium 2015 but if we don’t send a team this year we risk losing what we have built up. So this is why we are asking for Australia’s support.

Let’s make this clear, any rider who applies this year will need to pay more than usual, we are thinking an extra 2.5k, a total of around 5k roughly for each rider, so we aren’t asking for a free trip for our team members, we are asking for the support to make the trip possible. We were under the impression that the team will get the funding back for this year’s trip. This is not the case we have had a small increase from last year with a $15K contribution from MA.

Our GoFundMe page:

We don’t want to just ask for money either, so we have come up with a system of gifts that you will receive for your donation


Friend of the Aussie TdN team- $1 - $199

The great feeling that you’ve helped out the Australian trials community

Aussie Trials lover $200+

Signed Photo of the 2017 TdN Team & a Team Supporters cap.

Expert Aussie TdN Team Partner -$1300+

1 full days training with a team member ( please contact Phil Whittle to discuss), Rider will fly to your location anywhere Australia & give you a full day’s one on one training or a group of six maximum.

The Ultimate Aussie TdN supporter $10,000+

Ultimate TdN experience. Travel with the team to Europe, visit the factories when the team pick up their bikes, stay and eat with the team, meet top world riders such as Toni Bou, Adam Raga and be amongst the biggest trials event on the calendar. Flights, accommodation, morning & evening meals, travel all paid for.

Help spread the word!


There has been some great support already:

Garry Hoover - $500
Christian Bernasconi - $200
Graham Weiss - $200
Loretta Searant - $50

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