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2017 Vertigo Combat CAMO and ICE HELL 250's now available.

Vertigo Motors has expanded it's capacitiy range for 2017 with the introduction of 250cc bikes, available in both the Combat Camo and Ice Hell. These now sit alongside the already proven 300i that has won the SSDT the last two years in the hands of Dougie Lampkin.

The two-stroke machines have been designed to create an incredibly strong and balanced overall package. The ultra compact engine offers amazing torque throughout, thanks to the boundary breaking electronic system, with the ECU managing and controlling the performance of the engine in all situations.

The ECU adjusts the fuel injection and ignition settings in each and every gear to provide exceptionally smooth power delivery to match all terrain / conditions. Performance is maintained in all circumstances due to the high air intake, and specially designed radiator that works seamlessly in conjunction with the electronic water pump and fan.

The superb engine characteristics are matched by a chassis package to suit. The steel multi-tubular main section provides flexibility to give the rider real time feedback whilst the aluminium sub-sections at the front and rear provide the required rigidity to withstand the rigors of all competitions.

The central low mounted fuel tank means that the suspension action is unaffected by fuel load. The sleek and narrow lines of the specially designed plastic bodywork that incorporates further new technology, twin outlet silencer and flush fitting fuel cap finish off what can only be described as truly the next generation of trials bike.

Check out more information here at The Hell Team Trial website

or call 02.8424.6400 for more information.

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